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5 Things You Need to Remember While Backpacking in Thailand

Millions of people head to Thailand every year to enjoy the unique cultural experiences such as street food cuisine, all night parties and picturesque beaches. It is well known for being the starting point for many a backpacker’s journey across South-East Asia. However, it is important that you do some research before you head out to Thailand, so you know what to expect when you arrive. By knowing your stuff before you head out there, you can make sure that you have an amazing trip. Here are five things you need to remember while backpacking in Thailand.

Use Cheap Accommodation

There are various different places you can stay during your time in Thailand, and many places are perfect for backpackers. Hostels are particularly popular places for backpackers as they offer cheap rooms for those on a budget. But don’t assume that staying in a hostel will mean you can’t enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment to stay in. Hostels cater for different travelers’ needs. For example, check out this luxury hostel Bangkok.

Watch Out for Scams

Similar to when you travel anywhere in the world, you need to stay observant and watch out for any scams that you may come across. Scammers often target tourists as they know they aren’t as experienced in the Thai language or culture. Be aware of this and ensure you agree on a price before using a service. For example, discuss the price with the Tuk-Tuk driver before you get in. Also remember to keep your belongings close to you to avoid pick-pockets.

Don’t Insult the King

Thai people absolutely adore the king and the entire royal family. They take their adoration of them very seriously and will not find it funny if you ridicule or say nasty things about them. Even though King Bhumibol Adulyadej died back in 2016, they are still very protective of him and the rest of the royals. You will notice many pictures of the Thai royals around, and it is actually a serious offence to defame, insult or threaten any image of the Thai royal family.

Pack Light

It can be tempting to pack everything you might possibly need while backpacking in Thailand, but this will make your journey a lot more tiring. Try to stick to just the essentials and you can always buy additional items when you are over there. Buy a lightweight backpack and pack only the things you really need.

Experiment with Food

If you are going over to Thailand backpacking and want to really experience the Thai way of life, it is important that you try the different foods over there. You will love the various types of noodles, and to make them even better they are really cheap! If you are worried about the hygiene on street food stalls, then just eat wherever you see any locals eat.

Thailand is an amazing country to visit and the experiences you will have there while backpacking will be amongst the best of your life. But ultimately, remember to stay safe, mix with other backpackers and have lots of fun!