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6 Essential Tips Even Pros Suggest to Crack the GMAT

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test regarded by most business schools as a crucial criterion for the admission process. This is why the tests garner extra consideration from prospective applicants to MBA.

The test is adaptive with simple questions at the start and gradually rising levels of difficulty based on correct responses by candidates. A common misconception is that it focuses on math as a business theme. The fact is the GMAT is also concerned with the testing of language and verbal skills.

Some also mistakenly assume that it is easy to crack the GMAT with its basic syllabus, but students are likely to make mistakes with complex problems and multiple choice questions. Business schools are supportive of a wide variety of the GMAT scores, but scores of 650+ out of 800 are regarded as competitive.

Here are some top tips to crack the GMAT, which even the experts swear by:

  • Do some planning and take the GMAT early:

The GMAT score is valid for 5 years. So, plan to take the test early without waiting until the last minute. Many students underestimate how time-consuming can be an MBA application process. In case, you are working and trying to prepare for the GMAT at the same time; you may not get the best results. Since the GMAT scores are valid for 5 years, the best strategy is to take the test when you have time to dedicate to preparation, much before you plan to apply.

  • Identify your baseline:

Sit for a diagnostic, full-length test to identify where you are starting from. Because of the length of the test, four hours (including breaks), you must be ready to accept the challenge to gain familiarity with the timing of the test, apart from content.

Avoid focusing on your strong forte when you begin to prepare. In fact, the more improvements you make in a weaker section, the higher will be your overall score.

  • Adopt a study pattern:

Even if you have not struggled with school exams and are highly self-motivated, still you will need guidance to do preparations for the GMAT. Also, if you have a demanding job and desire to structure your study time, go in for the GMAT coaching in Bangalore or any other place you like or group study classes where you can benefit from peer support.

  • Repeated attempts:

Don’t hesitate to take the GMAT multiple times. In fact, more than one-third of test takers will undertake the test more than once. Several business schools will accept your best verbal and quantitative scores even if they come from separate tests.

In case, you have tried your best at repeated GMAT attempts, consider an alternative area to focus on like your application essays.

  • Avoid being stressed before the exam:

The GMAT is a test of mind power and reasoning where one requires skills of English and Mathematics. So, it is good to be alert for the test and not be stressed out the day before and during the test. Make sure you get enough sleep the previous night and avoid being drowsy and dull during the test.

  • Focus on timing:

Timing is a crucial aspect. You do not have the opportunity to go through any part of the test more than once. Hence, you are required to analyse and deduce things fast. If you lack attentiveness, it can impact your valuable time.

Well, these are some top tips to crack the GMAT. Adhering to these can help you to put your best foot forward on the exam day.  We wish you all the best!

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