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6 Key Research Findings That Are Affecting The Medical Industry

A lot of medical professionals have been working around the clock to make sure that we are getting nothing but the best treatment. And thanks to their unmatched dedication, they’ve managed to make quite a number of notable breakthroughs that will without a doubt change the medical industry. Here are 6 of these noteworthy medical breakthroughs:

6 Key Research Findings That Are Affecting The Medical Industry

The discovery of the ALS causative agent

Scientists have recently discovered that the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is caused by the degeneration of the protein recycling system which results to paralysis of its victims. And now that they’ve successfully discovered the causative agent, the same doctors are working towards finding a lasting cure for the disease.

The successful disarming of the HIV virus

Soon, HIV/AIDS will stop being a big problem once the scientists from Johns Hopkins University and The Imperial College London manage to remove cholesterol from its genetic composition. Doing so will make it impossible for the virus to seek refuge into the host cells and therefore be destroyed by the immune system.

Advancement in stem cell research

Today, it’s possible to grow embryonic-like stem cells from skin cells. And this will make it possible for doctors to cure a plethora of defects that were once deemed impossible. In addition to this, the scientists are also said to be making major advances as far as developing a drug that could do this on its own.

And since their research is very promising, it’ll soon be possible for patients to re-generate new tissues with a prescription instead of undergoing surgery which is rather too invasive.

Robotics playing a huge part in medicine and surgery

For well over a decade, medical practitioners have been experimenting the use of robotics in surgery for a couple of reasons. For starters, robots happen to be accurate, hence getting rid of the human error that can be fatal especially during sensitive or high-risk surgeries. And as you might have already guessed, robotics has come a very long way especially in 2018.

That said, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise when doctors leave all manners of surgeries to be conducted by keenly programmed robots. Apart from accuracy, robots have also been known to allow doctors to operate on their patients remotely, which can end up saving lives during emergencies and at the same time reduce the cost of travel as well as admission.

The most recent advancements in radiation therapy

If the latest radiation therapy research results are anything to go by, then we should expect some serious changes to follow that’ll without a doubt change the medical industry as we know it. Thanks to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation based at the University of Sydney, they have managed to improve medical imaging which will allow everyone to access radiotherapy with much ease.

Apart from making radiotherapy more accessible, the professionals also look to improve the procedure’s accuracy so that it can be accurate while at the same time less invasive. We should also look forward to enjoying fewer side effects once the new cutting-edge treatment has been finalized. Thankfully, there is so much promise and if anything, everything will soon change for the better.

The continued use of gadgets to carry out a diagnosis

Long gone are days when you’d have to book an appointment right before going back to check your doctor. Thanks to the most recent technological advancements, you can contact your doctor via his or her website and get a perfect diagnosis at the comfort of your sofa.

If you happen to be a doctor, you won’t have to bury yourself in the library flipping some stuffy pages. If you’re looking for something, all you need to do is get your iPad or laptop and you’ll do just fine. You also have to carry out house calls anymore unless it’s necessary. All you’ll have to do to is scheduled for a Skype session and you’ll be done in a minute or so.

A final word on the aforementioned medical findings

No matter how you look at it, any advancement in technology will most certainly have an effect in the medical industry. It will, therefore, be a good idea for you, whether you are a doctor, patient or scientist, to learn as well as prepare yourself for these kinds of changes. This is simply because they are bound to affect you in one way or the other.