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6 Reasons why Companies prefer to Business with the Indian Call Centres

With increasing cost and competition, companies are finding better and cheaper ways to outsource their services. In order to maintain the desired quality of the services, it is essential to hold a competitive edge in the market. For continuously serving your customers with the optimum quality work and lowering the cost at the same time, there has to be a mid-way. Considering the current market scenario, outsourcing the calling and managing operations to the well-established call centres in India is becoming very common these days.

With time it has become a trend for businesses to outsource their major part to the service like customer handling, HR recruitment and management, query handling, production work, and so on to the call centre representatives who deliver quality within the given time. But what are the reasons behind setting-up a trend like this? Is it the quality work? Or the low capital investment? Or the skilful managers who are continuously monitoring their agents?

While the reasons for any company to outsource its call centre services in India are numerous, let’s have a look at some of them:

Reason 1: Quality manpower:

India is a treasure trove of great manpower. The agents are rigorously trained, highly educated, possess great communication skills, and deliver customer-centric work. The managers understand the country’s cultural nature and train their agents in the universal languages. As you already know, the overhead cost can make or break a business entity. Therefore, companies prefer to trade with Indian call centres in order to reduce the training and overhead cost, and getting high-quality work.

Reason 2: Increased profits:

Profits are not just because you are doing a fine business with your clients. It also indicates that despite the huge increase in the market competition, you are still retaining and delivering quality services. Increase in profit margins means that your potential leads and sales funnel is graphically increasing.

Reason 3: Lower operating costs:

Indian BPO companies have less expensive operating costs. While on the other hand, other countries have expensive operating costs in comparison to India and Philippines. This is the reason that most of the outsourcing companies outsource their services majorly to India and Philippines. It generally excludes the extra operational costs like training, equipment, resources, tools, and matching up the cultural differences.

Reason 4: High-quality service:

Not only the call centres in India have a lower operational cost but also serves their customers with the best of knowledge. The agents understand what it takes to deliver quality service and how can it be achieved. Indian call centres are a great support not just by contributing majorly in the IT sector but bringing more projects to India.

Reason 5: Lesser managerial hassles:

Many global companies focus on giving exemplary services to their customers, therefore leaving the managers with no time to monitor their call centre operations. Also, it is difficult to train an in-house agent as the agents work on different projects simultaneously. With every new project, a new training program cannot be implemented. Outsourcing your services and products in the hands of Indian call centre is a great way to reduce the managerial hassles.

Reason 6: Streamline business operations:

By outsourcing your call centre operation to India, you can focus more on your core areas and lesser on the miscellaneous activities. This will help you to streamline your business and produce better quality and profits.


Even if the various companies that are in the call centre business reduce their operation costs, it is still difficult to match up with India’s high-quality services. Because the main factor that makes the Indian call centre outstanding is the human manpower. In fact, it is estimated that in the coming years IT-BPO sector will have an increase in the revenue up to 17%.

Having a reliable business partner is crucial regardless of the industry it belongs. Customers want a communication channel where they can freely put up their queries and concerns.

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