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6 Useful Tips for Customising Flavours and Ingredients While Making Pizza at Home

Pizza is more or less an unanimously loved food. You can eat it when you are hungry, when you are sad to lighten up your mood and spirits, after a long day at work, basically any time you want. It is loved by kids, youngsters and elders alike. They come with various types of toppings and ample of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Often, it happens that you would want to mix and match the toppings as per your preference, but that is normally not possible when buying a ready-made pizza. If you have a pizza maker at home, you can customise the flavours as well as ingredients as per your choice.

pizza maker

Here are a few tips to do it when making pizza at home.

Customize the Ingredients 

When you buy a ready made pizza from a restaurant, they have to follow certain guidelines for maintaining taste and quality and cannot deviate from it. You have no such obligation when you make pizza at home. If you feel you don’t want to add butter to the base of your pizza, you can simply skip it. You can add a lot of vegetable toppings as per your choice. The innumerable options to customize the ingredients are limited only by your creativity.

Add More Sauce

If you like your pizza with more pizza sauce, then you are free to add a little more when making it at home in your pizza maker. There is no one to stop you from customising it as per your preference.

Substitute Green Olives or Black Olives with Gherkins

If you don’t like green olives, substitute it with black ones or vice versa. In case you don’t like any, skip them altogether and instead add gherkins or anything else that you love to eat.

Alter the Amount and Variety of Cheese as Per Your Needs

Do you like your pizza to be extra cheesy or are you a health freak who likes to have the minimum amount of cheese on it? With a pizza maker at home, you can make alterations to the amount of cheese. You can add that extra helping or go with the bare minimum. In case, you don’t want any cheese on it, skip it altogether.

There are varied varieties of cheese available and you might have a liking for a particular variety. You are free to add the cheese of your liking on your pizza when baking it at home.

Add a Blend of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Toppings

In case you love to mix both vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings, you can do that too. At times, you may want to have the best of both the worlds. You can also mix weird toppings. You can try all mixes and matches without feeling awkward when you make pizza at home.

Experiment with Different Herbs

If you add certain fresh or dried herbs, it takes the taste to a different level altogether. The pizza chains normally go with only those herbs that appeal to the masses. When making your own pizza, you can add these herbs and enjoy both the taste and health benefits associated with it.

Having a pizza maker at home gives you the freedom to experiment with different ingredients and toppings. You can customise the flavours, toppings and other ingredients as per your taste. So, add a pizza make to your existing appliance range at home and enjoy homemade pizzas.

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