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8 Inspiring Ways To Have A Cosy Home

Find out 8 inspiring ways to make your home cosy and beautiful for an inviting and warming sanctuary to enjoy over the winter months.

Being cosy is something most of us want to feel in our homes over the winter months. There are lots of ways to achieve a beautiful warm, cosy, snuggly feeling.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at these 8 inspiring ways to have a cosy home:

  1. Better Heating & Insulation

It sounds obvious but is your home actually warm enough? Your first step to being cosy may well be to get that boiler replaced, get those walls insulated or perhaps get heating underneath your floor tiles. If your current system is failing you, decoration and accessories aren’t going to substitute a properly warm home.

  1. A Better Layout

Try to ensure your home is clutter free and as spacious as possible. That makes for a calmer space which in turn, has more potential to be cosy. Cluttered spaces don’t usually evoke a cosy and serene feeling.

  1. Add Plants

Plants make the home feel calm and fresh, and they have been on trend for a few years anyway so, they are a welcome addition regardless. Hanging plants that clean the air are a particularly good choice.

  1. Get Into Candlelight

Candles and flickering flames really do make the lighting dreamy and calm. If you have a natural fire, perhaps adding new beautiful surround floor tiles (see Décor Tiles) and cleaning it up for use could be a good move too. Fires not only provide that flickering light candles do but they bring warmth too.

  1. Choose The Right Colours

Colours Have a huge impact on mood and atmosphere in the home. Mostly, neutral colours are a great choice along with natural materials to create an environment that restores energy.

  1. Set Up Cosy Spaces

Swedish decor and design along with Hygge support making the most of special moments. One thing you can do to embrace special moments alone when you’re restoring your energy is to set up cosy spaces. It could be a corner with cushions, blankets and books, or even a day bed with blankets for naps.

  1. Zone

Zoning a house is where you set it up so that it is clear how each space is used. It is commonly used in open plan living. Zoning can help you bring more cosyness to your home. The way you present a social space with cosy rugs and blanket baskets, or the way a rocking chair is placed facing a view. Zoning can be a great way to make cosy spaces obvious in the home.

  1. Add Texture

Cosyness isn’t just about light or warmth, it is about how things feel. A fluffy rug, a thick heat knitted blanket, a warm natural stone floor tile underfoot. Add cosy textures to your home for cosyness that physically feels wonderful.

Being cosy is something that happens with a number of elements, not just through a blanket or a candle. Play with your surroundings and make spaces that not only look cosy but that invite you in to ‘get’ cosy too. The results will be worth it on the many dark, freezing days to come.