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A Handy Moving Checklist For A Less Stressful Move

Here’s a handy and convenient checklist to help your move be more organised and less stressful.

It is always true that moving house is stressful. It is very stressful actually as those who have been through it will know. However, being organised during a move can help reduce stress significantly, or at least contain it. With that in mind, here is a handy moving checklist to help you get your organised and zen move underway:

Before You Move

  • Look for a company to help you move
  • Book your moving company ASAP especially if you are moving in a busy month
  • Look into cheap self storage early to help store your belongings during redecoration
  • Get rid of items you don’t want or need
  • Start packing early
  • Ensure any valuable accessories or ornaments are insured for the move
  • Take pictures of how items fit together before you take them apart
  • Get lots of moving supplies like black backs, newspaper, boxes and labels
  • Label EVERYTHING so it is clear what is in each box and where the box needs to go
  • Have your most important possessions with you – laptops, passports, sentimental items
  • Have basics to hand such as toiletries, tea making equipment and bedding
  • Let banks and utilities know about your new address
  • Have cash on hand to buy thank you coffees, and in case anybody needs paying upfront
  • Be prepared for things to happen that are unexpected so you’re ready to troubleshoot as and when needed
  • Book childcare/pet care

When You Move

  • Check your cheap self storage unit is accessible on the day and time you are moving
  • Check everything after the moving company has moved it so if there is damage you can claim for it in time
  • Test all the utilities in your new house so you can get somebody to fix it quickly if necessary
  • Unpack for the first day and then allow yourselves to settle in
  • Focus on safety in the garden, garage and in the home so that you avoid any accidents or issues to add to the stress of the move

After The Move

  • Consider using self storage long term to have more flexibility with the items you use and enjoy in your home, and for hobby purposes
  • Try to maintain a minimalist attitude of getting rid of items if you don’t use them after six months
  • Try to say organised so any future moves are without chaos as much as possible
  • Do check that you aren’t still paying for any bills or services at your old property
  • Do check any post is being forwarded from your old property

Stay Organised, Stay Calm

Although moving will always be stressful, a lot of stress can be minimised if you stay organised. Using our checklist, and useful services like cheap self storage from, there’s every chance you’re going to have a house move that runs smoothly and leaves you making memories in your new home in no time.