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Add Meaning to Life like Meredith Iler

The Bible records the words of Jesus during one of his preaching acts saying, “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world at the loss of his soul?”,it is not many people who actually contemplate on these words of the Holy Scripture. This, however, it very relevant and applicable in today’s world, people are obsessed with the appearance of things, including themselves that they completely ignore the need to maintain the beauty of the soul as well. But fortunately, Meredith Iler, the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Helping a Hero Organization, and people like her still exist who value the wellness of the soul over the material things.

Meredith is an example to behold, she has dedicated her entire life to the support of the military,  she took the initiative to form this non-profit, non-partisan organization that caters to restoring the lives of the wounded soldiers who injured themselves in the War at Terror. The board of directors along with Meredith Iler aim to customising houses according to the needs of the wounded soldiers.

They make adaptive houses by coordinating with veteran developers and home planners to build houses in a way that will keep in mind the special needs of the wounded military personnel; for instance, they make provisions for the easy movement of wheel chairs for someone who may have had his legs amputated. The Helping a Hero endeavours to slowly involve the entire community in the noble work of generosity and helping the wounded heroes of Houston and other places as a return favour for the kind of sacrifice they make for the common man.

This organizations mission deserves accolade, they believe in ‘empowering heroes, one home at a time’.  This is something that should inspire all the people of a community to try and make their little contribution in order to make the lives of those people a little better who had taken the responsibility to protect your lives.

Charity is one of those things that add meaning to your existence; you may have all the luxuries in life exclusively for yourself, but the kind of satisfaction you get when you are able to help a person in need gives a sense of accomplishment altogether . A virtue by nature, charity is taught by all religions in world; it could be said to be a way of thanking God for all that He has given you. The blessings and love that you earn when you help the truly needy person is worth all the efforts that you put in.

It is important that all parents and guardians make it a point to inculcate the attitude for charity right from their childhood, so that they too can become responsible individuals in the future; because as they say ‘Charity begins at home’. The more self giving individual you are, the happier you and more content you are with your life. You are sure to find the true meaning to your life once you start doing things for others unconditionally.

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