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Aim for Master’s with GRE

If you want to pursue Master’s in India then GATE exam is the way to get the admission in Indian universities while for universities abroad GRE exam is conducted. Similarly, GMAT exam is designed especially for business program applicants. So, if you are applying for an MS program, your GMAT scores will not be accepted, so you need not bother to take the GMAT. As the GMAT assesses business school applicants, it is different from the GRE, which is taken by students applying for programs in a variety of subjects.

GRE is an admission test for graduate and business schools all around the world. This examination is standardised around the world. You could be taking it from anywhere on this planet. It is often used to determine funding decisions. If you want to get into your dream school, and want to be funded, you must have a high GRE score along with other application requirements. All aspirants generally look for the best coaching centre to crack this competitive exam. There is best coaching for gre in Mumbai, for which aspirants look forward to join and showcase their skills.

  • The analytical writingsection- two essays, construct a well-reasoned argument with supporting examples, as well as examine and analyse someone else’s claims
  • The verbal section- tests your reading and writing skills, sentence building, and many more
  • The quantitativesection- tests logic related to numbers, problem solving and data interpretation

Overall, it is based on the cumulative knowledge that a graduate studies aspirant is expected to have accumulated over the years. That’s why the Universities have made GRE scores a relatively important part of the application process. And to comply with their requirements, attempting this test and score well in it is important. Score in this exam also play a role in your visa approval. The US Embassy is very particular about who gets to enter their country, and there will be rejection in your visa application if you score very less.

Various gre institutes in Mumbai and other various locations helps you in scoring high in the exam and get your dream school. All what is important is that you have to give your best with all your efforts. The GRE is scored between 260-340. This means, even if you get all the questions wrong (which would be pretty tragic), you would still get 130 in two sections, making it 260. If you score anything above 320, you can apply to any of the premier institutes from around the world. A 330+ score establishes that you have exceptional skills, both quantitative and verbal. Some top universities abroad: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, etc. All these universities look for a particular scorer, where their cut-off varies accordingly. And there are no specific eligibility criteria for taking the GRE. However, if you want to apply to a university with the score, you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the specific program you want to pursue.