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Air Rifles for Sale

Whether you are looking for a new or a well maintained old air rifle, there are many licensed sellers in the U.K. where you can get the perfect one. There are several things you need to keep in mind when you are shopping; this guide will familiarise you with the process of obtaining an air rifle.

.22 and .177 Air Rifle

.177 and .22 are the major pellet calibres which are widely sold and more recognised. Before buying an air rifle, it is important to know the difference between .177 and .22 air rifles. Although accuracy is almost the same for both air guns, .22 is more powerful and is better for hunting. On the other hand, .177 pellets are low-priced compared to.22 and are more suitable for ten-meter target guns.

Common Types of Air Rifles for Sale                                               

  • Spring powered – Pistons and coiled springs are the main components of this air gun. They are affordable, easy to use and maintain, powerful, accurate, and do not require CO2 pumping equipment and cartilages to function.
  • Gas piston – Also called gas ram, these rifles lack coiled springs; instead, they have gas-filled cylinders and functions just like spring piston air rifle. They are lighter than spring guns, last longer, easy to cock, and are not affected by any weather.
  • Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) – The gun’s propellant force is the highly-pressurised air that is inside its chambers.
  • Variable pump air guns.
  • CO2 powered air rifle(s).

Each type of air rifle has its unique set of pros and cons. It is easier to shop for a rifle when you know the traits of each gun.

Air Guns’ Guide for Buyers

It is unwise to consider the gun’s listed velocity alone when shopping for an air rifle; ensure that you also consider its power. There are many power plants in the market nowadays with unique considerations to choose from. Consider the purpose of your air gun when selecting the perfect calibre.

Second-hand rifles are awesome. However, you have to conduct a thorough inspection to detect damaged screws and other parts. Do not worry if you do not know what to look out for in a used gun, this guide is specially intended to help you through.

Beware of rusted parts, damaged barrels, and inquire about split wooden stocks. Ensure that you fire a few shots to test its accuracy and firing cycle. It is also great to inquire whether the dealers offer warranties and go for warrantied air rifles.

The rifles are perfect for shooting and hunting. It is important to know air gun maintenance tips as well as all laws on their use. Always go for licensed gun sellers whenever you are shopping for a rifle.