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All about water purifiers: A complete guide

When it comes to the utility of water, then the water requires to be clean enough. Due to the excessive presence of the contaminants, the natural serenity of nature is being distributed. This is probably the very reason why this is quite difficult to find clean and pure water for consumption. To make the water right for desired consumption; this is an essential part of installing water purifiers in the homes so that complete health wellbeing can be ensured.

Evolution of the techniques of the purification of water

The advancement of the technology in a gradual way had an observable impact on the water purification methods. A complete evolution of the process has been noticed in the process of the water purification from the ancient time till date. If we talk of the earliest method, then that was the boiling of water.

During those time there was no abundance of the extremely harmful chemicals in the drinking water. Thus, this method was effective in making the water safe for drinking. With time, when the pollutants increased, chlorination was the process that was used for the efficient purification of water. But later on with research, this was found that the chlorinated water also hurt health. This thing gave a room to the invention and the use of the water purifiers.

Types of water purifiers

Every water purifier has a water filter in it. These can be divided into six broad categories, and they are as follows:

  • Activated carbon filter:

This is the filter that can effectively be the solution for the pollutants like those of the harmful gases like those of the chlorine, CO, ammonia, nitrogen and organic material like those of the dead remains of the plants and animals. The porous nature of carbon is something that is of great help to absorb such pollutants which include pesticides as well. Generally, the carbon filters which are used in the households come with the silver lining as well which is effective in killing the bacteria present in the water.

  • Biosand filter:

This type of filter is a plastic box or a container which is filled with the layers of sand. This is the process that is effective in the removal of the pathogens as well as the suspended solids from water. This makes the water free from infection.

  • RO filter:

RO stands for reverse osmosis and RO plant for home is a must these days. This is so because this plays a significant role in the process of softening the hard water.

  • Ceramic filters:

These are the filters that drain the bacteria out.

  • Ion exchange resins filters:

These filters help in making the water free from the harmful minerals.

  • UV filters:

These filters are abundantly used these days which includes the process of the passage of UV rays to the water thereby killing the microorganisms and pathogens completely from the water.

So this was a complete guide for the water purifiers, its types and the evolution of the techniques. Readers can get enlightened about the process involved in making the water fit for the consumption and then have a clear and vivid idea of the filter which is the perfect choice for installation in the home.