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Apply for Australian Citizenship Online through Migration Agent in Perth

1: Why Australian Citizenship?

You can tell with pride, “I’m an Australian” because you are joining a unique national community. Australia is a unified and harmonious nation with stable government and law-abiding citizens. Living in a free and democratic society, you have certain responsibilities to carry out in order to enjoy certain privileges. Your responsibilities will be to obey the law and respect the rights and liberties of the people of Australia.. Your privileges will be to vote in Federal, State or territorial elections, seek election to the parliament, get jobs in Public services and Defense Force, and seek consular assistance from overseas officials.

2: Citizenship Options

  • Australian Citizenship
  • Australian Citizenship by adoption
  • Australian citizenship by descent
  • Evidence of Australian citizenship
  • Resuming the Australian Citizenship.

3: Online/ Paper Application

You can get the facility for applying for Australian citizenship online, if you intend to get Australian citizenship, citizenship by descent or evidence of Australian citizenship. For citizenship by resumption, adoption or renouncement, you have to apply on paper application form. The Migration Agent in Perth can do the job for you in a particular timeframe.

Before submitting your application, check for yourself, to which category you are eligible for. If you are not sure, refer to the Citizenship Wizard. For online application, you need to attach the scanned copies of the original document. For paper application, you need to apply in form no 119 titled, Application for Evidence of Australian Citienship (427 KB PDF

For paper application, you need to apply in Form 1290 or Form 1300t for the following status.

  • For an exemption or free concession
  • You are serving in the Australian Defense Force
  • You are a stateless person
  • You don’t have a passport
  • You have not moved in and outside Australia since July 1990
  • You want to replace the evidence of Australian citizenship which was lost or damaged due to natural disaster.

4: Citizenship Categories

You can choose any one of the following categories that have been defined by the Government of Australia.

  • Born to an Australian citizen, outside Australia
  • Adopted child of a citizen of Australia
  • Migrated with a permanent resident of Australia
  • Born to a former citizen of Australia
  • A citizen of New Zealand residing in Australia
  • Partner to an Australian citizen
  • Once again resuming the citizenship of Australia

5: Eligibility Criteria

The Department of Immigration, Australian government has defined many eligibility criteria. But the following are the common requirements for qualifying for the Australian citizenship.

  • Above seventeen and below the age of sixty years
  • Good Character
  • Must have been a permanent resident of Australia and must have resided there for a minimum period of four years.
  • Must have been born outside of Australia, to an Australian citizen
  • Partner of the applicant is moving to Australia
  • Satisfying the residence requirement criteria
  • Have the basic communication skill of the English language
  • Sufferer from permanent and significant impairment of speech, sight or hearing
  • Have mental or physical incapability for understanding the nature of your application for citizenship of Australia
  • Born in Papua, prior to 16th of September, 1975 and any one of your parents was born in Australia and at that time, was a citizen of Australia.

While applying for australian citizenship onlineyou should ensure that you are holding an Australian citizenship certificate or you should have born before August 1986, in or outside Australia.

6: Application Forms

  • Form No 118 for citizenship by descent
  • Form No 119 for evidence
  • Form No 128 for Renunciation
  • Form No 132 for Resuming citizenship
  • Form No 1272 for Adopted children
  • Form No 1290 for other situations
  • Form No 1300t for General eligibility

7: Document for Online Application

For applying for Australian citizenship online, you need to upload the scanned copies of the following documents on the application portal. For the paper applications, the original documents to be attached must be certified by a designated officer, not related to the applicant. If the documents are in language, other than English, it should be translated by designated personnel. The attachment must include the character certificates and other Identity documents. Make a checklist of the documents to be scanned or certified.

8: Timeframe for Processing

The timeframe varies according to the category of citizenship. For an Evidence of Citizenship application may take 5 to 6 days whereas, it may take two months for Permanent residence or a Refugee entrant.

9: Personal Appearance

You may be required to appear in person for the citizenship tests related to your English knowledge and your knowhow with regard to the responsibilities and privileges of an Australian citizen.

In case you have any questions to ask related to applying for australiancitizenship online , you can contact the Migration Agent in Perth.

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