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Be the Star of a Wedding, Cover Everything with a Smartphone

Imagine the horror a bride will have to go through if at the last moment on her wedding day, she gets to know that the photographer they have hired is not coming. The wedding day is special for many reasons but it is imprinted in the couple’s lives long after it is over because of the memories in the form of pictures and videos of that day. The laughter, the sadness, the pranks all of these memories are what makes the wedding a celebratory event. That is why hiring the perfect photographer becomes a necessity. But what follows after hiring the perfect photographer is a long bill. And that’s where our trusted gadget, the smartphone comes into play. At first, the whole idea of covering up a wedding with a smartphone seems ridiculous but once you let this thought register in your mind a little while, you’ll realize that with the right equipment and a good quality camera this idea is definitely a huge success.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you should implement to polish your photography skills to capture the perfect moment every time.


Lighting is always a challenge even with video cameras like you lose the ability to control your f-stop and shutter speed. For the same purpose, apps can be downloaded that will allow you to manually control in handling the exposure. Most of the cameras tell you where you should make its auto-exposure by touching on the screen. Also, you can always brighten up the video in the post-production bit. That is why it is always better for the video or the pictures to be slightly underexposed rather than being over-exposed.

It doesn’t matter if the wedding is outside or inside, because you can manage both ways. You can use reflectors and artificial lights to brighten up the whole room.

Camera placement, moves, and composition:

The small size of smartphone plays its part perfectly for this point particularly. You can keep a phone in places and corners where the big camera can’t be placed. For example, you can keep the camera right by the efficient and this would capture the moments from up close. If you have a head tripod or an adapter of your smartphone, then you can carry out all the tasks that you would normally do with the big camera. A pro tip is to shoot as many scenes as possible, you don’t have to use them all but if you don’t shoot many you won’t have a variety of options to add in your final video.


Apps are a life savior these days especially when it comes to editing pictures and videos. Starting from adding filters and effects to creating time-lapses, you can do it all on a variety of apps available in your play store. So use this step to the fullest and this will take the level of your pictures and videos a notch higher.


One of the many mistakes that an amateur photographer will make is neglecting to get a b-roll. B-roll is the compilation of footage of things other than the main event like the shot of the venue or a variety of cuisines included in the menu, table setting, shots of the decorations, shots of dhol and other musical instruments used during the wedding. This step does seem like an extra one, but believe it or not it adds a totally different spectrum to the video.

Other things to keep in mind:

Shooting with a phone camera means that you need to be cautious about making any mistakes. Like checking for the recording time you have available on your camera. You should always delete a few things here and there temporarily to free up some space. Checking your phone’s battery backup is important as well. If you ever had a phone that you don’t use anymore, you can carry that to the venue and capture some amazing shots from that phone for your b-roll as well. Getting static shots will give you some coverage if your handheld shooting techniques suffer.

These points mostly cover the basics that should be kept in mind to capture the perfect wedding pictures. But don’t forget to use a phone that has a good quality camera because no matter how good you get at capturing from different angles, if the quality isn’t great the whole plan would tank terribly. Ideally, a phone camera ranging from 13 megapixels to 16 megapixels will be a perfect choice and what better than trusted phone brands like Panasonic India Smartphones, Motorola, and Oppo for this purpose. And not to forget the battery backup of these phones are also pretty solid.

So before you shell out your hard-earned money, you should definitely give this method a try. We would advise you to first start with covering small events here and there, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. This will turn you into a pro and you would be able to cover any wedding in no time.

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