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Beaches, Barrios & Futuristic Buildings to see in Alicante & Valencia

With sunshine all year-round, cheerful and world-class metropolises, vast sandy beaches and scenery that can’t be ignored, Valencia packs a punch of amazing Spain worth exploring.Multiple transport options further let you take in best of the place and the beachside of Alicante altogether.

Whether your sport is culture, food feasts, playing at the beach or partying every other day, there’s something for each in one of these urban gems experienced best with Spain Golden Visa. Let’s explore further!


Alicante is the point where holidaymakers flock for its airport connects with the many surrounding resorts. But this vibrant yet laid-back city holds importance in its own right. While most of the Spanish cities are known best for decent night-out scene, Alicante with its composed environment and unanticipated natural setting stir up most of the buzz.

During the weekend, head to the stunning El Barrio, an old quarter known best for bar setting around the Catedral de San Nicolas or Paseo del Puerto besides the sea. From casinos and clubs to bistros, options are unlimited here. If you seek a more laid-back and secluded option, the Calle Castanos is the first-choice that leads up the waterfront from central city.

Castillo de Santa Barbara

Alicante is well-known for its walking experiences where you’re passing across the old town or Esplanada d’Espanya; a renowned waterfront promenade. The crown jewel of the city namely the Castillo de Santa Barbara can be approached on foot that occupies a dramatic hilltop location high above the city.

To avoid unlikely stress, take a lift from the opposite side of the beach and head for the castle peacefully. The 16th century fort is mostly flocked with tourists as well as locals who gather to watch spectacular views of the sunset while the kids play football. When here, savour the engaging views of the coast and inland!

The Mercado Central & museums

For a true culture fusion, visit Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante and the Museo Arqueológico Provincial; the two museums that standout from all. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante feature amazing display from the Miró and Picasso collectionwhereas historical relics such as ceramics, arts and others are well preserved at the Museo Arqueológico Provincial. Of the most prominent;Mercado Central is a blend of sight, sound, taste and smell which is best for those who fancy an afternoon with fresh fruits and seafood.


Spain’s third-largest city, none other than Valencia boasts a rich history, exceptional restaurants, fascinating nightlife attractions and vast golden beaches. It takes an hour or two when travelling from Alicante to Valencia by train or 2.5-hours if commuting through bus services.

Ciutat Vella & Catedral

Your first stop here would be the Ciutat Vella (Old Town) known best for the busy and magnificent Plaza de la Virgen that sits right at the heart. There’s also a 13th century Catedral de Valencia taking on a true Gothic style and home to Roman agate cup that’s referred to as the Holy Grail by a few.


Your Spain Golden Visa is the key to amazing discoveries, sightseeing and a stay permit that you’ll always hold onto.

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