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Best Copper Nails: When Should You Use Them

Nails may be tiny but they are the quintessential when one is eager to undertake a construction project or simply repair a damaged article. It is indeed hard to imagine a world totally bereft of nails.  They are used everywhere- from roofing to piping and joining two objects together and what not. Name a job related to construction and you will find the application of nails everywhere. Today, these tiny essentials are made out of several materials such as galvanized iron, stainless steel and even gypsum and of course, not to forget the copper. In fact, it is the latter that has an edge over the other materials due to its longevity. The best copper nails are used for a number of reasons today and happens to be preferred by the construction industry.

There are so many types of copper nails to choose from, that it is bound to create confusion in the mind of the buyer unless the person is well informed about the usage of each variety. Every job has a different requirement and choosing the correct variant is important for both longevity of the project as well as the safety of the user. Here are a few details.

  • Copper Clout and Annular Ring Nails: These are mostly used for roofing tiles and slates. Since copper clout and annular rings are resistant to rust caused by moisture, they are used in the coastal regions for the purpose of roofing so that the longevity of the roof can be increased. They are available in different sizes and can be chosen according to the requirement. Do a bit of research to decipher the right size.
  • Copper Pins: These are available at the local hardware stores easily and are ideal for decorative purposes. These particular nails are believed to be perfect for handling of craft projects. The one thing that you must remember before using them is that they are great when they are used for the interiors though not quite suitable on the exterior due to reduced durability.
  • Copper Disc Rivets: Used mainly for the purpose of roofing, copper disc rivets are one of the most popular types of copper nails. The discs can be used for fiber cement slates as well. If you do the necessary research online, you will find that it is much easier to fix fiber slates with copper rivet discs than it is to fix the traditional slates.
  • Copper Slate Straps: Yet another popular form happens to be the copper slate straps and these too, like copper clout and annular ring nails and copper disc rivets, are used for the purpose of roofing. These are commonly used by the people who have damaged slates on their roofs but fail to remove the slates completely, relying on nails instead.

These are the primary uses associated with the best copper nails available today. Do remember the basic functions of each before buying them in bulk.