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Best Monitoring Application for Cell Phone and Tablets – TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is an advanced and fine quality application allowing users to monitor mobile phones and tablets running Android operating system. Loaded with more than 250 exciting features, it facilitates you to keep tabs on your spouse, kids, and employees. What we have found great about this Android app is that it not just allows the user to monitor a target device but also permits to control that device without physical contact. It has monthly and yearly subscriptions with the variants of packages and price.

How does it work?

Whether you are a concerned mom, a suspicious spouse or a cynical employer, you can keep a close eye on your kids, partner or workforce monitoring their activities performed on a mobile phone. First, you need to install the app onto the Android device you want to monitor. Once you are done the app will start gathering information stored on the target device that the user can access logging onto an online account.

Core Features of the app

Out of hundreds of features and functionalities, we have rounded up here a few core features of the app to give you a clear insight of it.


This feature allows you to create a bug to operate the camera and microphone of the targeted device to capture images and record sounds heard in the surroundings. You can even record videos extending from 15 seconds to 60 seconds using the front and back camera of the device. This means you do not need to stay close to your kids to monitor them because you can give a command to their mobile phones to do this for you.

Spy on Calls

This app empowers the user to listen to all the incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored device. These calls can be recorded and even intercepted. The contact information of the person who has made a call or to whom the call is made can also be tracked.

Spy on Messages

Similar to calls, all the inward and outward messages consisting of text, emojis, and stickers with the contact detail of sender and receiver can be tracked. The user can even view the deleted or hidden messages and complete thread conversation.

Monitor Social Media

This app lets the user monitor the social media activities of the target. Some of the most popular social media and instant messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap Chat, Skype, Viber, Line, Tinder, and Yahoo can be tracked to monitor conversation made through these apps.

The self-destructive messages of Snapchat can also be read with the help of screenshots. As the target starts using Snapchat, this app takes a screenshot of the screen with an interval of 3 seconds. All these screenshots are stored on TOS control panel and can be accessed anytime.

Keystroke Logging

The user can get the email and password keystrokes on the monitored device to operate the email account of the target. Though keystroke logging is a crime but doing this after taking informed consent is not illicit. The employers who are suspicious of their employees sharing confidential information of the company via emails can use keystroke logging to save the company from a huge loss.

Track GPS Location

This feature of TheOneSpy app is helpful in knowing the whereabouts of your target. The parents can track GPS location of their kids away from home, and the employer can keep an eye on the whereabouts of the mobile workforce. With this feature, you can also mark safe or unsafe areas to prevent the target entering the prohibited zone.

Spy on Emails

All the emails received or sent through the Gmail and the contact details of the sender and receiver of the email can be tracked with this spy application.

Discover Multimedia Files

The photos, video, music files and voice recording stored on the hard drive of the Android phone can be discovered using this surveillance app. It includes all the multimedia files whether downloaded from the internet, received via an email, MMS or any other source.

Monitor Internet Activities

Whatever your target is looking for on the internet, the websites visited and the time and duration of visiting each site can be monitored. As well as monitoring internet activities, you can block internet access to prevent the target from surfing on the web while driving.

View and Manage Phonebook

The Phonebook and contact list saved on the monitored device can be viewed and managed to add new or delete the unwanted contacts. If a number is saved with a wrong name and details, you can know the exact details about that contact.

Remotely Controlling Phone

There are various functions you can perform on a spied device without having a physical contact. For instance, you can:

Lock or unlock the phone

Start or pause an app

Block or uninstall an app

Block texting while driving

Block incoming calls from strangers

What’s good in it?

  • It allows intercepting live incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It works fine on all the cellular networks.
  • You can block calls and manage contacts.

What’s bad in it?

  • Some of its features work only on a rooted mobile phone.
  • It does not allow you to set limits for using mobile phone or a certain app

Compatible Devices

  • It supports all Android versions equal or greater than 3 and commonly used mobile phone brands including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, and HTC.
  • The on-compatible cell phone brands include Lenovo, Xiaomi, Redmi, ZTE, Haier, Gfive, Vivo, Gionee, Meizu, and some others unpopular devices.


The price of this Android phone monitoring app fluctuates depending on the packages and subscription variants. It starts from $35 for a monthly subscription and goes up to $135 for a semi-annual subscription. Visit Website


While there are scores of software to spy Android device, make sure you opt for a reliable app that worth your dollars. TheOneSpy is a great choice indeed as its wide range of functionalities covers you completely. This is an undetectable app that works with complete secrecy without producing any sound, notification or anything that can alert the target.

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