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Best Suppliers of Professional Grade Chef Apparel

If you search the internet for companies that supply chef wear, you will definitely find many hits. But all suppliers of chef apparel are not equal. While others are known for providing quality chef apparel, others are known for providing low-quality apparel that will only last you a few weeks (if you are lucky).

Chef Apparel

If you are looking for the best suppliers of professional grade chef apparel, you have come to the right place. The companies listed below have been in the chef wear industry for many years and can supply you with every piece of chef wear that you need.

Chef Works

You can’t speak of professional grade chef apparel without mentioning Chef Works. Since 1963, Chef Works have been pioneers when it comes to supplying culinary apparel in the hospitality industry. When hotel and restaurant managers need the best restaurant or hotel uniforms, they look to none other than Chef Works.

Chef Works has a wide selection of chef wear made from high-quality and durable fabric. Their apparel is known for making cooking efficient, safe and pleasant. Not only does their chef wear perform well in the kitchen, it also makes chefs look good – this is a major plus for Chef Works apparel since it doesn’t sacrifice style over function (chefs can indeed have it all). Apparel that looks good is bound to make the wearer feel good, making the cooking experience even more pleasant.

Click here for chef apparel if you are looking for professional grade aprons, coats, pants, hats and shirts.


Molinel is also another favorite supplier in the industry. They have been supplying many restaurants, hotels and bars in the hospitality industry with the most durable and comfortable culinary apparel for over 25 years. This fact alone is worth giving their excellent collection of Molinel a look.

Molinel is most famous for making the most comfortable, 100% cotton chef pants. And since chefs spend long hours (sometimes all day) in the kitchen, having comfortable pants is a must. Molinel even has an impressive selection of footwear for both men and women. They also regularly hold clearance sales on their website to make their apparel more affordable for people who want to outfit their entire team with quality chef wear.

Medium Rare Chef Apparel

Medium Rare Chef Apparel is a brand that was created in 2008 by two chefs: Andrew Dallman and Cam Dobranski. These two culinary masters were frustrated with wearing uncomfortable and unflattering kitchen uniforms for a long time. And after they noticed that other chefs were feeling the same way too, they formed Medium Rare Chef Apparel. Today, you can find their high-quality chef apparel in a number of restaurants who order exclusively from them.

You will find some of the best aprons, jackets, pants and headwear in Medium Rare Chef Apparel’s collection. You can even get in touch with their design team and create your very own custom chef wear. They have a wide variety of colors, patterns and high-quality fabric to choose from.

Next time you are looking for the best suppliers of professional grade chef apparel, visit the website of one of the suppliers mentioned above. Never purchase low-quality chef wear ever again.

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