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Boutique Hotels vs Chain Hotels: What’s the Difference?

While the term boutique hotel may seem pretty new, they’ve existed for many years. Most people who choose hotels often go with a chain because of brand recognition, reputation, or previous experiences. However, boutique hotels provide a different experience that might make them a better option for a certain type of traveler. In this article, we’re going to explain the main differences between boutique hotels and chain hotels and what makes one option better than the other.

What are Boutique Hotels?                                          

Boutique hotels are simply independent hotels that do not belong to any chain or franchise, or hotels that belong to a group but are completely different in their experience, features, and design.

Boutique hotels focus on providing their guests with a more personalized experience. They are more unique and you won’t find two boutique hotels that are alike. Good boutique hotels will provide the exact same services as most chain hotels but with a more personal touch. Most boutique hotels focus on making their guests feel at home and place more importance on things like privacy and comfort.

Why do People go to Boutique Hotels?

One of the main reasons why boutique hotels are so popular these days is that people like the level of attention and the proximity they have with the staff. They like how staff members don’t have to obey strict protocols. Most boutique hotels are also usually smaller, which creates a more cozy atmosphere. But even those with a larger number of rooms try to offer the same level of service and personalization as smaller ones.

Boutique hotels are also popular in tourist destinations like Phuket, for instance. When people go to these locations, they usually are looking for an authentic experience, and staying at a boutique hotel Phuket will allow you to really escape and experience something special.

What’s the Better Option Between Chain and Boutique Hotels?

It really depends on which type of traveler you are. Some people like predictability, and if that’s your thing, then you might feel more comfortable in a chain hotel. If you’ve gone with the same hotel chain for years, then you might be reluctant to try something new. You may also be a member of their loyalty club and want to earn or use your points. In these cases, going with a chain hotel might make sense.

But if you’re traveling somewhere new and really want to experience something unique, then a boutique hotel might be a better option. Boutique hotels are often much less crowded as well and they offer the same level of amenities as any big hotel. You’ll be able to enjoy the pool, gym, and sauna without bumping into strangers everywhere you go. So, that’s a definite plus for boutique hotels.


Whatever you do, always make sure that you go with a boutique or chain hotel with a solid reputation that actually cares about their guests. Both options have their pros and cons; it’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you and make a choice.