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Breast feeding Techniques | Best Positions for Breastfeeding

Nursing mothers will come across with different breast feeding techniques that will help them in feeding their little one. If you learn about the different techniques in breast feeding then you can prevent many problems along with enjoying the new experience. These techniques will help you in feeding your baby in the best way without creating any kind of problem of the same. There are different positions in breast feeding which can be recommended for nursing mothers.

It is also important for them to rest their back and arms so that they can get relief when they are not feeding their child. Baby should be placed near their breast in the right direction so that he or she need not turn their head while feeding. His face should be near to the nipple. Infant back should be supported so that chins faces towards your breast. Mothers should avoid bending and hunching as it will result in back pain and also results in sore nipples. If baby is not comfortable while feeding, then remove her slowly then get back to the position again.

Best positions for breastfeeding newborn

Mothers will come across with different positions for breast feeding that will give them comfort mode. These positions will save them from sore nipples which results due to pain in neck and back. Let us now see different positions in breast feeding.

  1. Lying on side position- Lying down is the best position in order to nurse their baby. This will work better for the kids especially in the first week after their birth. It will also allow mothers to rest in starting after the delivery. In this position mother and baby lie down while facing each other. If mothers need more comfort in feeding then in that case they may use pillows behind their back and knees. Mothers should cradle the baby in their arms along with their back. Mother should also see that the whole position of the baby in single line, then feeding will become easier.
  2. Breast feeding with laying back- This is also one of the main positions in breastfeeding where the mothers will have to lie on the bed in such position which would allow support to their head and shoulders. They can rest baby in any positions so that they can feed properly without creating any kind of problem. Baby cheek should rest on your breast and you should bring him close towards the nipple.
  3. Clutch position– This position is adopted by those mothers who has gone for c-section delivery. In this position the head of the baby is supported by the mothers hand and their arm is used to support the back. On the other side other arm of the mother is used to support your breast. Baby face should be facing towards your nipple and mother hand is supported to bring him close towards for feeding. If still mother is not able to feed properly than they can use pillow under them.

Thus above all are the best positions for breastfeeding enjoyed by mothers while feeding.

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