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Breguet Hora Mundi: The First Mechanical Timepiece!

A classic “Hora Mundi” watch with some beautiful aesthetics is the first of its kind. The man, who was responsible for establishing the Breguet Company in Paris all the way back in 1775, was Abraham Louis Breguet. Tourbillon, one of the greatest technologies in the world of watches was brought into existence by him. The technology not only brought fame and success to the company but has also led to the creation of some of the greatest timepieces of our time. Many consider Breguet to be the world’s oldest and longest running timepiece manufacturer in the world.

BreguetClassique 5717 Hora Mundi watch has one of the most useful and complicated time switching mechanism with just a push of the button which is so intuitive that it will make you wonder that why had it not been done any time before. The BreguetHora Mundi case measures 44 mm in diameter by 13.55 mm thick, and it is available in in 18k rose gold or 950 platinum.

The hands run over a solid 18k rose gold or 950 platinum dial available in three versions: The Americas, The European and African continents, or Asia and Oceania.The dial’s periphery has a silvered and circular satin-brushed finish, a border that is hand-engraved on a rose engine, and red-gold hour markers – or platinum depending on the case version.The ocean is done with a sweetly textured lapis lazuli, and the polished land region is cut with very high precision.


The instant jump time-zones of the watch are indeed the thunder stealing feature of the exclusive timepiece. World’s first mechanical watch has generated four patent applications which are as follows:

  • A timepiece comprising a mechanism with two time zones
  • The display of a time zone on demand via the main set of hands
  • A programmable and reprogrammable mechanical memory wheel for a timepiece
  • A mechanism for displaying a temporal dimension by means of a dragging hand

Time-zone Complication:

From among the 24 available time zones, the wearer can select two cities for which he wishes to display local time on his watch. Once set, he can instantly change all displays from one city to the other by pressing on the combined crown on the left side of the dial. This unique left push button, which is generally not in any other usual watch, is for changing the time-zones. So, once you set your required cities and press the push button, the instant-jump time zone display system will instantly change all the indications, from hour, date to day or night, of one place to the other.

Moon-Phase Complication:

The moon phase complication is easy to understand as compared to the time-zone complication. On the day and night indicator is the sky made of lapis lazuli containing numerous pyrite inclusions that look like tiny specks of gold and represent the stars. Sun and moon made up of solid gold depicts the time of the day, that is, morning or night.

Date Complication:

The date uses one of those expanded date windows that are good for dial balance. The date window, which is just below the 12 o’clock mark, is large enough to show three consecutive dates at once. To avoid any confusion in reading the date, watchmakers added a tiny retrograde hand, hidden beneath the dial except for the tip, and ending in a small circle that surrounds the date as soon as it appears at the left side of the date window.

Dial and Case Specifications:

18 karat gold or platinum case and dial makes this watch of the most mechanically advanced timepiece. Around the dial is a typical Breguet Roman numeral hour indicator ring, with two large pomme blued-steel style hands making it look classy and elegantly royal! This exclusive timepiece comes in a total of six versions (3 of gold and 3 of platinum). The watch is available in three different dials that display three different maps around the globe: American Continent, Europe-Africa and Asia-Oceania Dial all in gold and platinum respectively (making 6 different versions).

This $10 million beauty, in INR 73,68,60,000, is definitely the most desirable watch by the collectors. With such super complications, beauty and design beyond words, this exclusive timepiece is one in its kind for now and definitely for many more years to come as well!