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Budget-friendly Gifting Options for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

When it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, you want the best gift for her to make sure she cherishes the present for years to come. When you don’t have a big budget, finding the right present that is affordable and easily available can be quiet tasking. Such situations can be quite stressful. Don’t worry too much. You don’t really need to make an extravagant event for her birthday. A simple gift which need not be expensive at all can put a smile on her face. Here are a few options which you can pick from for gifting your girlfriend without making a hole in your pocket –

  1. Say it with flowers!
    One of the best and most affordable gifting options are flowers! You can find these at any local gifting store or florists or even on e-gifting websites that do online gift delivery in Jaipur and across India. When you shop online for flowers, you have a bigger variety to choose from as compared to buying from your local florists. Online florists and gifting stores have oriental and foreign flowers which are exotic and not easily available in cities.
  2. Cakes and chocolates
    Another cost-effective option is buying her chocolates along with a birthday card. If you want a little more fancier option, you can order gourmet chocolates from a bakery or patisserie in your town. You can also surprise her at work or at her home by getting the cakes and chocolates delivered to her doorstep! A lot of online gifting websites do online gift delivery in Jaipur, Mumbai, Varkala and across India for minimal delivery charges!
  3. Gift Hampers
    If you can’t decide on what exactly you want to get your girlfriend, you can arrange a goodie bag or a gift hamper with small things like chocolates, cupcakes, a photo frame, mug and other such smaller simpler things. There are a lot of prepacked gift hampers and gift baskets that stores sell to make it easier for gifting purposes. You also customize your gift hamper based on themes such as movies, TV series, colors, flowers etc. to make it even more personalized! A lot of stores that have Jaipur sweets also add customized sweets and gourmet chocolates to you gift hampers to give that extra sweet touch!
  4. Cosmetics
    Buy her that favorite lipstick she has been eyeing for a while or favorite makeup highlighter! Every time she applies the makeup you have bought for her, she is going to think of you! Girls love to show off gifts that their boyfriends have bought for them and she will definitely be talking about this to her girlfriends and sisters! You can take the help of her best friend, siblings and her mom to help you with the gift items! Lipsticks aren’t very expensive and are easily available under 1000 rupees both online and offline. You can also create a small makeup goodie bag with a lipstick, one small nail polish and one eyeliner. All of this under 1000 rupees!

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