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Buying Your First Watch? Here are the Points to Consider First

With so many different kinds of watches in the market, which one should you choose? How should you pair your watch varying from one attire to attire? What build should you invest in? Is cost of watch directly proportional to how much it would last?

These are just a few questions that come into mind when buying a watch. But, these are not all. There are a number of other things to consider when you are buying a watch for the first time.

In this article, we will be looking into the features that a buyer needs to consider when buying their first watch.

  1. Selecting the Best Watch Type

While it depends entirely on the buyer preference in terms of their personality and the style statement that they are planning to create, it can never hurt to the difference in watch types. Here they are –

Smart Watch

The hottest watch category of the 21st century, smart watches are the one that are connected to smartphones, allowing users to not just get notifications of their messages but also make calls, straight out of their watches!

Aviator Watch

Commonly known as pilot watch, Aviator watches are considered the most effective and stylish watches present in the market today.

Quartz Watch

Quartz is powered by an electronic oscillator which is synced by quartz crystal. Known for itshigh efficiency and accuracy, quartz can be one of the most expensive watches present in the market today.

Dress Watch

The most sophisticated and stylish watch of the lot, Dress Watches can vary from an informal style to formal and from contemporary to minimalistic – all varying according to varying users’ needs. Out of all the dress watch brands present in the market today, the one brand that has become the prime choice of modern day watch buyers at the back of their efficiency and style is Fossil Watches.

Automatic watch

For someone who is looking for energy efficient watches, Automatic Watches should be the prime choice. The self-winding watch gets its power from the users’ hand movements and when removed, it works for around 24 hours before you wear it again.

Digital Watch

The watch displays seconds, minutes, and hours in form of flashy digits. It does not has a seconds, minute, and hour hands like in case of Analog watches. Digital Watches of all kinds,are a frenzy among the college going crowd and gym enthusiasts.

Analog Watch

The oldest and yet the most chic watch form of all types, Analog watches are the one that have a clock face with seconds, minutes, and hours hands to show time to the users.

  1. Type of Watch Band Material

Like the watch type choice, the choice of band also varies from one user to another. For a first time watch buyers, you can choose one of these band types –


The band style is mainly counted as a formal watch type, but depending on the dial shape, color of the leather, amongst other things, you can even pair it with your party wear.


The watch band type is used mainly by sports enthusiasts because of the material’s durable features such as shock absorption, moisture resistance and impact resistance.


The band type is majorly brought by divers because of the rugged and adjustable features.

Stainless Steel

Made from the combination of chromium and steel, stainless steel watches are brought for their sophistication and versatile style statement.


The last and one of the most jewelry like watch type out of the lot is ceramic. Counted as the most preferred band ladies watches category, the band goes well with both dresses and formals.

  1. Size of the Watch

Depending on your wrist size and watch’s weight, there are a number of factors that one needs to consider when choosing a wristwatch on the basis of the size. Let us look at what they are –

  • Case Thickness
  • Case Diameter
  • Band Width

So these were the three factors that would help you choose which watch to buy, there are a number of other considerable things that you need to keep into keep in mind such as – the watch’s movement types, its durability, and ultimately the price range.

With this, we are sure you must have got the idea of the factors that you would have to consider, it is time to make the first buy. Head on to Ethos Watches website your one-stop for watches of all types and brands.

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