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Celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Your Marriage with a Ferrari in Los Angeles

They say age is just a number. True it is. Though you are probably counting your grey hairs and your wife is dreading the wrinkles on her skin, your hearts are still young and madly in love with each other as ever. So, why not celebrate the union of you two just like the good old days and take the upcoming silver jubilee anniversary celebration to another level of enjoyment? Take your wife on a dream dinner date, spend the day lavishly in the city of Los Angeles, drop by prestigious social events, or just take a long drive along the highway, there are numerous possibilities for you.

Are you wondering how will you manage everything? Well, before you start the planning, here is an idea for you. Get in touch with an agency of exotic car rental in Los Angeles and rent a Ferrari. Give the woman of your life the ride of a lifetime. You have already given her umpteen moments of pure joy and love. Now, on this anniversary, create some memories that will always bring the lovely smile on her lips, that very smile which made you fall for her head over heels years back. How will you celebrate the day in a Ferrari with her? Read on the following points to get inspired. 

Start with a Surprise

To make the day special, plan ahead and give her a surprise. On the 25th anniversary, she is probably waiting for a day of the party with the whole family at home. Surprise her with something that she has never expected. Wake up early and leave a note for her on the bed telling her to get ready by 10 a.m. Let her feel the excitement of the fluttering butterflies in her tummy again. Once she is ready and comes downstairs, give her the ultimate surprise. Open the door of the Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles you have booked for the day. Once she stops gaping at you in awe, hold her and hand and make her nestle comfortably in the seat beside you and ignite the engine. There is no other way to start such an amazing day. 

Long Lavish Drive

Do you remember those days when she used to ride pillion on your bike when you two used to explore the distant countrysides on weekends? I am sure you two dreamt of the day when you will get to ride a luxury car and go for a long drive. Today is the day to live that dream. Enough of the old bike or the normal SUV you take for family outings. Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway enjoying the stunning vista around secretly relishing the feeling of joy that you find in her smile. Obviously, she will keep you entertained throughout the ride by remembering all the sweet moments you have spent together. 

Drop by Event

Since it is already spring, Los Angeles is brimming with life. There are many events that have been lined up at various halls around the city. If you are lucky to get advance passes for the event, then take her to such a prestigious event with you. Get down from the Ferrari and stun everyone with your attitude. Let them gape at you in awe while you hand the valet with the car keys to park. After all, how many can appear at an event like this at your age in such a sophisticated way in a luxury sports car! 

Dream Dinner

After the event, give the finishing touch to the day with a sumptuous dinner at a posh restaurant. Savor the dishes that you both love. Toast to your long years of companionship and to all the coming years of togetherness. Murmur some sweet nothings while enjoying desserts. When you will come back home, be rest assured, she will be in her happiest self.

Plan your day while keeping these ideas in mind and find a reputed luxury car rental service that offers Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles. This is the only car which can give your dreams the wings to fly.

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