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Change in Diet and Lifestyle Improves the Digestion System

Numbers of precautions have to be taken during the time of pregnancy because the good health of the mother and the baby is absolutely necessary.The mother should take necessary steps to improve digestion process. Exercises  have to carried out every day for at least thirty minutes so that the digestive system is stimulated.Care has to be taken as to the diet chart. Fiber -rich foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits have to be consumed. Due the hormonal changes during , it is quite common to have indigestion problems.Apart from the medicines the remedy lies with the change in food habit and lifestyle. Basically, the symptoms of indigestion include burning sensation in the chest,feeling of sickness, vomiting food and a bloated feeling in the stomach. You have to cut down  in relation to consumption of coffee and at the same time, avoid spicy and rich foods. Along with that, the mother has to stop smoking because the chemical which is inhaled considerably contribute to the indigestion process.Moreover, alcohol to be totally avoided during this period.

Tenporary discontinuance of other medicines

You should consult a general physician in case you experience weight loss group name. You have to properly disclose to the physicians in case you are having any anti-depressant medication at that time which may augment the indigestion process. The physician may suggest to discontinuing such medicine for a while. Primarily antacids are prescribed which neutralized the acid formation in the body.It is better not to take vitamin supplements simultaneously. In case the antacids cannot provide a complete solution for the indigestion problems then you should visit the physician again. This time he or she may prescribe safe medicine to stop the formation of acid in the body.

Stopping the acid production

Apart from antacids, it is possible to find some medicines which are acid reducers and are much more effective because the production of acid is blocked.Some physicians prefer to prescribe chew able and liquid antacids because they function much faster compared to conventional tablets. It is necessary to consult the physician and then have pregnancy digestion, which is safe during this period. It is advised by the doctors not to have such medicines which contain sodium as it increases the capacity of the body to retain water.

Taking care of malformation of the baby

During the pregnancy periods, a seizure may take place the augmented risk of early labor pain,trauma from a sudden fall, miscarriages and reduction in the baby’s heart rate. Now, epilepsy medicine during pregnancy has to be taken very cautiously because it may have side effects affecting the health of the baby. There is the remote possibility of the malformation if the mother has some other medicines then that may affect the development of the baby. The best-prescribed medicine in this regard will be the one with practically no side effects. It is better for the mother to have safe medicines especially at the time of formation of the brain and spinal cord of the baby.

Avoiding harmful medicines

The main cause of indigestion during pregnancy is the hormonal changes. Also, the muscles in your stomach relax and acid is formed. There is another reason and that is  the growing pressure of the baby in the stomach. You should definitely avoid such antacids which contain  sodium. The genetic history of the mother has to be checked in case of epileptic seizures.

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