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Chiang Mai at Night: Best Things to Do

Thailand is a country filled with great attractions and tourist destinations. You can spend weeks in Thailand and still find new things to explore. There are attractions for everyone too, from the old temples with beautiful architecture to gorgeous beaches and exciting parties near them.

If you really want to get to know Thailand, especially cities like Chiang Mai, the best way to do it is by spending a couple of days exploring at night. The night scene in Chiang Mai – and Thailand in general – is not all about parties. There are many great things to do as well.

The Night Bazaar

Where you stay in Chiang Mai will affect the kind of experience you have while exploring the sights. The best way to get that authentic Chiang Mai experience is by staying in the heart of the city. In this case, you want to find the best hotel in Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai if you want to be within walking distance from the best vendors and shops the city has to offer.

The Night Bazaar itself opens every night and is home to Chiang Mai’s top street food vendors, interesting shops, and a fantastic ambience to tie everything together. The ambience alone is interesting enough to make you want to come back every night.

There are different sections that you can explore. Some areas are family-friendly, making them perfect for those traveling with children. Other parts of the Night Bazaar are more for travelers who want to have a lot of fun while visiting Thailand. You can also find smaller parties and live music if you feel like letting loose after an entire day exploring the country.

The Flower Market

The Ton Lamyai Flower Market is actually one of my favorite places in Thailand. It is a flower market that opens 24/7. You can find it in ThanonPraisani, right alongside the Chang Khan Road and the river. It is just north of the Night Bazaar.

As the name suggests, the Ton Lamyai Flower Market is where you can find fresh flowers and hundreds of vendors that sell them. Make sure you have your camera ready; this may be a traditional market, but it is a beautiful place nonetheless.

PloenRudee Night Market

If you are feeling a bit homesick while in Chiang Mai, the PloenRudee Night Market is the place to visit. It opens right after sunset and it is slightly different than the Night Bazaar we discussed earlier. While the Night Bazaar is for those who want to sample the local produce and cuisine, the PloenRudee is filled with international food and the best beer in town.

It isis also famous among international travelers and you’ll be able to make a lot of new friends here. In fact, backpackers and travelers from around the world regularly meet in PloenRudee to share a dinner and have fun together.

Of course, you also have clubs and parties to go to. However, these activities and places are the ones to try if you want to experience the best of Chiang Mai in the evening.