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Choose The Best from Used Garbage Trucks for Sale

The demand for waste management in America is increasing quickly. This means the opportunities for private refuse collection companies are also increasing. If you are planning to start your own garbage collection business, you must be thinking about buying trucks and equipment. While you would think that buying a new truck would mean better value for money and more profits, a used truck might be more cost-effective.

There are a lot of negative preconceptions about buying used trucks. But, if chosen wisely they can be as efficient as new ones and help you save big on your initial investment, thus increasing profits.

Advantages of buying a used truck

The investment in starting a garbage disposal company is quite high. You need trucks, dumpsters, bins and other equipment to set up your operations. Instead of spending more than you can afford on a new truck, you can save a lot by buying a new-like used truck. A well-maintained used truck is as functional as a new one, but comes for a small part of the price. You can use the money you save for buying other required equipment. Used trucks do not need a lot of extra maintenance; as many people think, and increase your profits at the end of the day.

How to choose the right garbage truck

The first step in choosing the right garbage truck is deciding the type of refuse you would be dealing with.

  • If you will be collecting residential garbage, your best choices are rear loaders and side loaders.
  • If you would be involved with industrial waste, you would need a front loader.
  • If you would be collecting large, bulky waste items (like furniture, debris)then you will need a grapple truck.

If you get a rear or side loader, you can decide whether to get an automatic or semi-automatic version according to your preferences.

After you figure out the type of truck you need to buy, decide your budget. There are many dealerships that sell used garbage trucks in new-like condition. You can easily find your ideal truck according to your requirement and budget. Do not pay heed to dealers that put used garbage trucks for sale at give-away prices. Such deals are never good for the buyer. Purchase only from certified and reliable dealers. Once you find the best truck, inspect it from outside and inside thoroughly. You can also get it checked by a mechanic for expert opinion. If everything is fine, bargain to get the best price.

Most dealers offer great services on purchase of used garbage trucks. You might also get free delivery, arm attachment, or maintenance services for your new truck. Dealerships also offer affordable financing services for those who cannot pay the full price at once. You can easily get a loan to purchase a used garbage truck as well.

Be open to buying a used truck when you decide to start your waste collection company. If you choose smartly, you will get better value for your money than a new one.

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