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What Should I Consider Before Buying the Garage Door Opener

No homeowner in the USA who haven’t installed garage door opener to open and close the garage door. Today, it is an important part of the garage door system as it can door up and down by pressing just one button while it can be a tedious job when done it manually. In short, a tedious task now a very easy task for a homeowner. It also makes the garage more secure. But it is only possible if your garage door has a right opener. Let me tell you one thing, it’s not an easy task for any homeowner to find the right openers as you think about. There are several factors that should be considered before putting a finger on an opener. Have a look at those factors below

Types and Style:

Type is very much important because currently in the market, there are mainly 3 types of opener available. Let’s see one by one:

Chain-Drive Opener:

This is one of the oldest and most-effective openers. This opener has a bike-style chain which is slacked slightly when a door is open by just ½ of an inch above a T-rail and the downside of this opener is attached to the metal trolley. Good for the heavy doors made from steel and wood.

Belt-Drive Opener:

This is one of the quietest yet costliest options for homeowners. This features a Kevlar polymer body (no metal), which is effectively molded into nubby teeth on either side. This opener doesn’t make a loud noise and that makes it a worthwhile investment.

Screw-Drive Opener:

This is called as a Goldilocks of the openers as it is quieter than the chain-drive opener and nosier than belt-drive opener. This is a good option for those who do not like to maintain the opener often because this opener works well even on low maintenance. The price is higher than the chain-drive and lower than belt-drive openers.

Horsepower of a Motor:

How Powerful You Need a Motor: Generally, there are 3 types of garage door opener horsepower motors.

1/2 HP Model: highly suitable for the standard garage doors and can weigh less than 350 pounds

1 HP Model: Good for the industrial & oversized doors of 600 to 1000 pounds

3/4 HP Model: Suitable for the wood and steel doors of more than 350 pounds

Battery Backups: This is also important and you will know how important it is when there is power outage and you need to open the door. It is better to have DC battery backups than ‘open the garage door manually’. DC battery backups allow you to open and close the door even when there is no electricity. Only selected models have this features.

Common Features; a garage door opener should have:

Remote Controlled: An opener should be operated using the remote. Make sure that your opener should have the dual frequency range so, it is hard for others to match your opener’s frequency range and that makes your door more secure.

Manual Emergency Release: This allows you to open the door manually by just pulling a cord (attached with opener and red in color) that detaches the garage door opener from a door. This works when there is a power outage or something accidentally stuck in the opener.

Low Noise: No one like loud noise. If you are a noise sensitive homeowner; a belt or direct driven model is a perfectly suitable for you or your living space is close to the garage.

Internet Connectivity: Due to technological innovations; many homeowners have been moving to advanced garage door openers which can be operated through the Internet and can able to check the status of the garage door from the office.

As the time goes; new technology and security features come in the garage door industries. So, it is good for a homeowner to stay tuned with the updated technology to make the garage door more secure and easy to access. For further information about the latest technology used in garage door systems; you can consult with the Garage Door Repair Company located your nearby area.

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