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Convert your pain into your body’s fitness

Pilate exercise is an exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century, which helps in body alignment, breathing, concentration, control, centering, flow, precision, relaxation and stamina

When we talk about 45 min Pilates exercise classes for fitness in Indonesia, we are dealing with an exercise that stimulates posture and body alignment. It also helps with the pelvic and the abdominal part of one’s body, which are commonly known as the body’s “powerhouse”. Pilate exercise is sort of a combination of ballet, modern dance and yoga. It is known as a work out, not a therapy. It is also an exercise that requires a trainer for the precision of the work out. The output will be worth it as the exercises rise up in difficulty depending on the level of the person. If they are still beginners, then the workout won’t be that hard. On the other hand, if they are advanced, the work out tends to be harder.

People have triedPilate exercise and have seen great improvements in their body. An example is Indonesian actress, Nova Eliza. She had just given birth and did not lose her belly fat after. She tried Pilate exercise and lost 20kg. Furthermore, she stated, “Several years ago I fell hard, hitting my tailbone. Afterward, I often felt pain in that area. After taking Pilates classes, I haven’t felt any more pain, thank God.” See? It works!

The three most famous exercises in Indonesia are running, cycling and swimming. As we can see, Pilate exercise isn’t practiced much, but in Jakarta, Pilate exercise is practiced as there are a lot of fitness centres located there. Not only do they offer them at an affordable price, but also the equipment are complete, with the advantage of full use to people. Some gyms even offer private workouts for the ones who are in need of it. Some provide time for the people who want to work out during their lunch breaks. Such advantages encourage the people to go and enrol in it.

30-45 minutes of Pilate exercise may not seem much, and you may think that it will not improve anything for it is only a short time, but it can do more! You see, the work out works on the full body of the person, which will affect their breathing and endurance. This then helps them when the session is through.

If you are interested in enrolling, then you can click the link and go to this site:

Being healthy and staying healthy is never a bad thing. It may be hard to maintain or be consistent in it but it is worth every sweat for one’s wellbeing. Always remember to take care of yourself for the future you, and Pilate exercise might just be the workout to help you for that!

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