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Coolsculpting – Remove Fat Without Surgery

In the past, many patients opted for liposuction which is an invasive surgical procedure remove stubborn fat bulges. Alternatively, they turned to infrared technology or radio frequency devices, but these devices offered limited improvement.

With technology advancements, patients can now utilize Coolsculpting in Houston to reduce the excess fat bulges and enjoy permanent solution on the reduction and the control of fat cells using a non-surgical technique which will provide dramatic outcomes.

During the procedure, Skin Essential’s physician in Houston uses a gel pad to protect your skin and then positions the CoolSculpting applicator above the area being treated. The machine will draw in a fat bulge, and then cool it down to activate treatment process while continuously monitoring the temperature and also alter it accordingly.

Skin Essential’s Coolsculpting treatment will make your body to naturally get rid remove the fat through the lymphatic system after which the cells will be slowly excreted for an about seven months.With Coolsculpting service, treatment of a single fat bulge usually takes about an hour to perform; love handles treatment may last for 2 to 4 hours; the lower abdomen typically takes about an hour. However, they discuss every case before the procedure.

You will go home as soon as the process is over to resume regular activities. Sometimes mild discomfort in the region that was treated; numbness may be present afterward which can take some few days to resolve. After the procedure, It’s not advisable to use anti-inflammatory drugs for the first two months.

After the service Skin Essential recommend their patients maintain the same diet or exercise program they had before this treatment to keep their weight in order. Coolsculpting in Houston provides the highest quality service available in aesthetic medicine in the current world. Skin Essential in Houston offers non-surgical service to help you solve your obesity complications using simple, safe and affordable procedures.

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