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Kids are always bustling with ideas that they want to experiment with. In a way, it is very good for their overall development. The more they put their minds into productive ideas and experiment, the more they are likely to achieve excellent growth and personality development. However, apart from the basic and obvious items of crafts, what could they possibly be given to try their hands on? We at Makevana, bring to you an authentic collection of crafts that your kids are going to love playing with and you will perhaps be surprised to see them experiment so well with these items:

Cute eraser for kids

Apart from fulfilling its obvious purpose, this eraser holds many ideas for kids. Shaped and crafted as match sticks, these erasers come in a cute box in multiple shades. Give this to your kids and see how they experiment at making different things out of these match stick erasers. Besides, these erasers break away the monotony of an eraser for your kid, making him excited and interested in studies as well.

Little mushroom accessories

You might wonder what your kid would do with a mushroom but don’t let your doubts limit the creativity of your child. Made with polymer clay, these are completely safe for use by your child and the highly realistic design and crafting of these mushrooms make them appropriate for use as decoration items in projects and models. See you child make a toy garden out of these tiny mushrooms.

Decorative rainbow tape

Tapes can be used for endless purposes. Bordering, crafting and designing are just few of the ideas. Buy this impressive tape set with every shade of the rainbow for your kid so that he can experiment and let his mind give him new ideas. These highly adhesive tapes will not give a hard time to your little one.

Handmade decorative wooden buttons

Let your child label his creations with these wooden buttons that proudly boast about his handmade creations. They look very attractive and authentic in their cursive writing and dotted outline. They can be easily attached with a string and made to attach on any surface.

Makevana is dedicated to bringing the best crafts for you and your kids. So many of our candle holders Vintage wall clocks by local artisans  and metal tin posters are also crafted with handmade work and such craft items, giving you an idea how it is seemingly an endless world of possibilities. Imagine what your kids can achieve with these ideas and create and feel satisfied and happy about their creation. Get these items for your kids!

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