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Delectable Indian Desserts to Jazz-Up Your Wedding Buffet

Do we really need to utter the significance of desserts at an Indian wedding? The mouth-watering desserts are the core of Indian weddings food menu. In a majority of the cases, hotels and resorts are booked on the basis of how many types of desserts they are going to serve at the wedding day. Sweets not only represent the happiness but they also exemplify the mark of some auspicious occasion.

We all are familiar with mainstream sweets like Laddu, Kaju ki Katli, Rasgulla, and Gulab Jamun. People still love to eat them. But how about jazzing up your food venue and give a huge surprise to your guests! Below we have compiled some unique and lip-smacking desserts that will jazz up your wedding buffet and your guests would love to them. You can ask professional caterers in Indore to arrange these aromatic desserts for your wedding day. Let’s start!

  1. Shrikhand

In the states like Maharashtra and Gujarat, Shrikhand is the undisputed king of Indian wedding sweets. Shrikhand is a highly delectable dessert made from the fresh milk and its origin lies in as early as 1600 AD. Such is the popularity of Shrikhand among the people that even brand like Amul sells it nationwide.

  1. Sandesh

Another mouth-watering Indian Dessert created with fresh milk and Sugar. Sandesh sweet is highly popular in the Bengal region and there are plenty of flavors available in it. Some people say that Sandesh is the upgraded version of Rasgulla, but that’s not the truth. Sandesh is a must-have dessert for your food menu.

  1. Kulfi

Kulfi is one of those rare sweets which are massively popular throughout India. In the summertime, Kulfi is eye candy of the kids. The key ingredient of the Kulfi has garnished pistachio, evaporated milk, and sweetener. As compared to other desserts, Kulfi is quite cost-effective and the people of every age love to eat it.

  1. Balushahi

Here comes the dessert which is the perfect blend of crisp and sweetness. Balushahi is a delectable and widely popular dessert of Uttar Pradesh that is fried in syrup of sugar and rendered the oval shape.  The outer side of the Balushai is crunchy and the inside is full of sweet khoya.

  1. Pitha

Pitha is better than the best alternative of traditional Indian sweets. This sweet is extremely popular in the eastern states of India like Bihar, Orissa, and Assam. Pitha also comes in a variety of flavors. This dessert is made from wheat and rice flour and is packed with dry fruits like pistachios, coconut, and cashew. Throw a surprise to your wedding guests from Bihar by adding Pitha in the menu.

  1. Khaja

Another crunchy dessert in the list. Khaja is a popular dish of Bihar region and it comprises the multitude of layers. Khaja is fried in sugary syrup and it can be easily prepared with very few ingredients.

  1. Bebinca

People who belong to the Goa region know well about Bebinca dessert. Although, it is difficult to prepare Bebinca the aroma and taste of this dessert is worth waiting for.

Include one or multiple desserts from the above list to spruce up your food menu. To find the wedding caterers which can cater to your desserts need, you can visit, an online wedding market where you can find renowned wedding vendors who can arrange your favorite desserts from every corner of India.