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Different Ideas of a Garden Fire Pit

What Is A Fire Pit?

A fire pit is generally a hole dug on the ground and is designed to accommodate the fire and prevent it from spreading. Nowadays you can find artificial fire pits in the market. These are ready made pits which are safe to use. These pits are usually made of metal or concrete or even a combination of metal sheets and stones. Some fire pits are made out of metal to burn wood.

Garden Fire Pit (1)

How to Make A Garden Fire Pit?

All you need to do is to dig a hole which shall be able to hold the fire in place without letting it spread and keep it safe. It is easy to dig out the pit on the ground than hollow out a brick or pillar that is made of rock. A normal garden fire pitusually has a 3 foot diameter, including the edges and fire area, however you can make a bigger one, depending on the purpose and audience. However, select an area that is not windy and don’t forget to check with your local authorities for permission.

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Various Ideas for A Garden Fire Pit

A fire pit can be of different kinds. You can install one from the different types and use it as a garden fire pit.

#1. The best option is to buy an artificial fire pit from the market. The weight of these fire pits are much less than the original ones. A cover for the spark and a grill is offered with these fire pits. These pits are mobile in nature and can be placed anywhere in the garden area.

#2. There are custom-made fire pits available in the market and even on online stores. If you do not have an idea about these fire pits then you could check out pictures online on the web. These can be made out of bricks, stones, metals, concretes or even from a combination of various materials, according to your choice.

#3. Another type of fire pit is a fire pit bowl. These are generally made in contemporary style from precast concrete.

#4. Another superb option is fire tables. These tables are made in a way that there is an area for burning, inside the table itself. The burning area is located in the middle of the table and there is a wide rim on the edge for keeping cutleries, glasses and plates. A fire table or pit can be of any shape, it is not mandatory for it to be round. The same applies to a fire table too. These shapes are generally rectangular, square or L-shaped.

#5. There are fire pits which are different from the usual wood burning ones. You will find pits that are of good quality and options like propane or gas can be used in them instead of wood. These pits are quite easy to use too.

#6. You will find outdoor garden fire pits which are constructed by landscape professionals. These people know the exact method to build a pit which is safe for you and your family members, as they know the codes of the building you live in. When you lit a fire, you must ensure that you use fire resistant caulk and fire bricks on the sides of the pit and also at the bottom of it for precautionary measures.

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