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Different uses of Shikakai

Shikakai is scientifically known as Acacia Concinna and it is a shrub looking tree which mainly grows in central part of India. This tree has saponins in its bark and it lathers moderately when it is mixed with water. This thing is also very rich in Vitamin A, C, D and E and it also has a lot of anti oxidants.

That is why; it is considered to be a crucial part among Ayurvedic products. This one is good for health and also for hair health as well. The vitamins present in Shikakai also provide all the necessary micro nutrients to the hair follicles and nourish the hair properly and help it to grow healthy and fast.

The barks, leaves and fruits of Shikakai plants are dried and then powdered to make it into a paste at home and that can be easily applied on hair. If one used Shikakai on a regular basis then it can strengthen the hair strands and can also reduce the hair falls. It also helps one to get rid of dandruffs and other scalp issues.

Apart from hair health, here are some other things that one can do with Shikakai:

  • Leaves of a Shikakai plant have acidic taste and so they are very good in making chutneys.
  • The pods of a Shikakai can be easily soaked in water and then can be used to clean the skin. The regular use of it can leave the skin looking younger and healthier. It also helps in fighting the signs of ageing by keeping away the fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.
  • As it has been mentioned earlier, the barks of Shikakai have saponins which aid the hormonal effects and can also be used for contraceptive purposes.
  • Decoction of reetha and Shikakai in water can be useful in washing clothes which are made from delicate fabrics like cashmere, silk and pure cotton. It also helps in removing stains from the clothes.
  • This is also used in treating minor scalp wounds like bruises and cuts. Its mild action along with its anti bacterial properties can also aid to recovery. One can make a paste of roasted Shikaki powder, turmeric and neem leaves to get rid of scalp wounds.
  • This Shikaki is also traditionally used for treating scabies and it can be used as an antiseptic wash as well.
  • Extract of leaves of Shikakai are traditionally used in treating malarial fever.
  • Extracts of Shikakai pods and leaves with their phytochemical properties can be used as larvicidal and also as a mosquito repellent.
  • One can also use Shikakai for the treatment of black fever that can also happen during the time of malaria.
  • This also helps in making the mouth feel fresh and remove all the bad cells. It also can cure certain diseases like throat infections, throat pains ulcers and boils on the gums.

When it comes to top Ayurvedic products in India, then one can talk about Shikakai as it is really helpful.