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Editorial Photography At Its Best with Charles Nucci

The concept of photography and its authenticity has suffered a great damage with the coming of the smart phones with built in cameras. Now, it is no longer a hobby or a professional genre, it is something that every other person does, as a ‘habit’. But this is what caused damage to the beauty of the artistic angle in photography. Fortunately, professional photo artists such as Charles Nucci from San Francisco, the authentic form of photography is still alive.

Charles specializes in product, advertising and editorial photography and has an experience of more than 15 years in the profession. From his extensive knowledge on the subject, he has been helping a lot of individuals by guiding them with his valuable information on the way how an amateur can shoot photos like professional, providing them with tips on black and white and many other vital trivia on photography.

Though the artistic aspect of photography has been hard hit by the smart phones, yet technology with its gift of the development of novel applications every day, the professional photographers are extremely grateful. Charles Nucci is an editorial photographer and getting a breakthrough in this form of photography does not come easy, unless you have carved a niche for yourself and established yourself as a photographer of ace quality.

In any profession a person is only as good as his tools, so the same applies for photography. Charles uses the most high end tools that he possibly and can, this coupled with his creativity and expertise of more than 15 years in the profession, makes him a sought after photographer in San Francisco. Editorial photography gives you the scope to make portfolios and work with models and super models, and provides great opportunities for learning through travel too.

Pitching yourself as an editorial photographer does not come easy, however, if like Charles you are already recognized and established as a photo artist then it comes fairly easy. For any editorial photographer, getting a brief from the client is the first most important thing. The writer who is going to use your photo for his article has already written it, you need to ask him/her to read it again so that you can comprehend the specifications the writer wants to highlight in the photograph.

The size and the orientation of the photograph that the client prefers needs to be understood well too, so that the best shot can be taken. As an editorial photographer it becomes a task of great responsibility that you show the subject in the best possible way, for that could be an important thing for their career. Hence, if you think it is required you should go ahead and ask to confirm if the orientation of the photograph is correct.

A profession in the creative genre is constantly subject to change as the creative mind keeps on exploring and so even the minutest details need to be addressed, especially when it comes to editorial photography.

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