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Enjoy the Beautiful City of Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT hub of India as most of the multinational companies have their headquarters in Bangalore.This being one of the major reasons, the city is the home to most of the country’s youth and IT professionals.The city has a blend of the population coming from across the country. Every now and then, there is some or the other person can be seen travelling to Bangalore. As the city is a home to quite a large population; hence the city is known for its traffic and crowd. But this is not just the only introduction of the city, the beautiful city of Bangalore has a lot to offer who want to live a city life as well as want to see the real and natural beauty.

Bangalore is the city located in the state of Karnataka; it is the city which is well-known for the IT industries and top educational institutions, and if talk about the scenic beauty and weather of the city, it has a moderate temperature and soothing weather throughout the year.

Here are list of things one can do in Bangalore

  1.    Micro Light Flying: For the thrill lovers no other place can be better than this. Located between Mysore and Coorg this place gives you some of the beautiful landscapes with mesmerising hills and vegetation covered meadows, this activity allows you to cover the maximum area in a short period of time. When you will glide over the town you can notice few tourist spots like Chamundi hills, River Kabini and Kaveri, Mysore Palace etc.
  2.    Rafting in Dandeli: For the real adrenaline rush one should really try this at least once in a lifetime, for the real thrills this activity makes you navigate the swirls in the rivers. This sport is not for the faint-hearted.
  3.    Ramanagaram: If you are the one with a high level of stamina then this is the best place for you. Ramanagaram is famous for its granite hills, located just at a distance of 50 km from Bangalore popularly known as Sholay hills.
  4.    Savandurga: If tired of that busy city life and looking for a break to soothe your mind then here you go. Savandurga is a small town located at a distance of 49 km from Bangalore, a ride that would just need a couple of hours, the landscape on the way are mesmerising which will give you an idea how beautiful the destination will be.
  5.    Nandi Hills: Best known for its scenic beauty the place is famous among all the travel enthusiasts, this hill set offers attractions like Horse way, Tipu’s drop, Secret Escape route etc.
  6.    Sangam: This is not a very very known spot, but if you will visit the place, anyone can get mesmerised with the beauty of this place. Driving through the Kanakpura road you will find this spot where the river Kaveri merges with River Arkhavathy, hence the place got its name as Sangam.

The city of Bangalore can be one of the best places if explored well. Being one of the high tech cities, no one can compare the facilities one can find here, be it hotels near Bangalore airport or cabs to commute, everything is easily available.

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