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Enter the World of Lingerie

Nothing says sexy and bold than exclusive lingerie. Be sexy, be bold, and be daring! Males adore to role play and this is not merely because men do not love their better half but because they are adventurous at heart. The right selection of sexy  lingerie will make every male desire his love endlessly. Clubbing it up with stiletto heels will give women the ultimate look which will have one’s partner’s imagination run incredibly wild. Lingerie along with being a sure fire for making bedroom moments more alive will also bond relationships closer.

The endless list

Lingerie is a woman’s best friend and its choices are endless. Some of the top favourite include,

·         Sleepwear

·         Petticoats

·         Panties

·         Lingerie teddies

·         Lingerie slips

·         Leather lingerie

·         Hosiery

·         Girdles Body Shapers

·         Thongs

·         Garter belts

·         Exotic lingerie

·         Corsets

·         Chemises

·         Camisoles

·         Cami Garter belt

·         Bustier

·         Bras

·         Body stockings

·         Bikinis

·         Swimwear

·         Baby doll lingerie

Which colours to choose?

When it comes to selecting the colour of lingerie, women are often in a pickle due to endless range of varieties and contrasting styles available. They are clueless to know exactly where to begin. The first thing that one should consider is their skin tone. This means women having dark hair will look hot in red while on the other hand women having lighter skin and red hair must avoid red lingerie. Today there are many online resources that will help females feel comfortable to decide which shade will match one’s hair and skin tone. Besides one can also take help from style industry publications particularly fashion magazines.

Fantastic lingerie fabrics

Below is a list of some of the most fantastic lingerie fabrics. These include,

·    Lycra- Lycra is a favoured material as it is more breathable and less cheesy. It helps women feel contained and supported yet offering sufficient flexibility

·    Microfiber- Lingerie made of this material feels barely on the skin owing to the fact that it is breathable and light. It hugs one’s curves along with moulding to their body shape devoid of putting her under any pressure.

·   Polyamide- Popularly known as nylon, this material is highly flexible, beautifully smooth and hard wearing too. It is used together with polyester besides being a part of the microfiber lingerie pieces.

·   Silk or satin – Nothing can compare the feeling of silk on skin, such is its divinity. Lingerie made of silk will be the best when combined with reinforcement or elastane else it will not fit well. Pure silk or Satin sleepwear for women  is apt for special occasions and not everyday wear.

·   Elastane- This helps one’s lingerie to hug carves instead of falling over them. As it is roped into elastic, this helps non-stretchy fabrics such as silk to be utilized for lingerie products such as knickers.

Lingerie will continue in retaining its elegance, functionality and values of femininity. The present trend of lingerie is fuelled from feeling confident, creative and sexy. At its core lingerie gathers its impact from universal cultures.