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The acceptance of pipe smoking has given tremendous rise to wholesale smoking pipe market.
Before taking a dive into the wholesale smoking pipe market, let us first understand what is a smoking pipe.

Pipe Smoking is the nothing but the practice of inhaling or tasting the smoke which is produced as a result of burning a substance in a pipe. Most commonly, tobacco is used for burning. Besides tobacco, there are other materials too. Nowadays, people preferably go for herbal materials instead of tobacco. Most commonly used herbs include materials like Horehound, Mullein, Hyssop, Thyme, Marshmallow, Lobelia for lung health. Other flavouring herbs include Angelica, Peppermint, Spearmint, Monarda, Lavender, Anise.

Smoking pipes, commonly referred as pipes are made from various materials like briar, clay, ceramic, corncob, glass, metal, gourd, stone, wood and various other combinations.
The size of pipe varies depending upon for what purpose it has to be used. Large pipes are used just for tasting the flavour, however, small pipes are used for inhaling the smoke.
The most popular is tobacco pipe. It is specially made for smoking tobacco. It consists of a chamber(also called as the bowl) for the tobacco from which a thin hollow stem emerges that ends in a mouthpiece.

Basically, pipes are mainly classified into two types :

1- Water pipes: Water pipes are pipes that cool the smoke by filtering it through water chamber. The two basic types are stationary hookahs, with one or more long flexible draw-tubes, and portable bongs.

2- Spoon pipes: They consist of three main things – bowl, stem and a carb. Bowl is used for packing the material that has to be burnt, the stem is used for inhaling purpose and a carb is used to control suction and airflow into the pipe. The user is inhaling while he lights the smoking material and holds down the carb which allows smoke to fill the stem. And then, the user is releasing the carb while he inhales allowing air to enter the stem & smoke to be pulled into his mouth.

The first thing that you need for practicing pipe smoking is the pipe. So there’s a good response to pipes in wholesale smoking pipe market.

Also, it is observed that pipes are usually much acceptable than cigarettes in society. This is because they aren’t responsible for causing lung cancer as fast as cigarettes do. However, they may cause oral cancer.

If you just go and look for “smoking pipes” in your browser, you’ll just end up putting your hand onto your head(if you’re really new to it) wondering the variety of pipes available. Numerous pipes are available with wide variety of materials, shape, size, machine-made or hand-made. Since pipe smoking is considered as a manly art, the field offers a whole new ground for business. Although many vendors are offering the wholesale smoking pipes, a wide range of variety can also be found on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Alibaba. Thus anyone having a thorough knowledge of pipes and their respective characteristics, can start as wholesale smoking pipe merchant and definitely earn huge chunks of wealth.

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