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Everything You Need To Know About Resident Return Visa Australia?

You will need an Australian resident return visa if you are an Australian permanent resident or you want to return to Australia after the termination of your PR visa under subclass 155 and 157. You can get help from the Immigration Advisor of Australia.

Australian citizens have automatic authority to come to Australia. This implies that all non-citizens need a visa to get legal admission and status. Resident return visa (subclass 155 and 157) is a permanent visa for present or earlier Australian permanent residents. This visa will enable you to keep or keep your status as Australian permanent resident upon returning to Australia. If you’re permanent visa has expired or just going to finish, then this visa may be a choice for you.

With this visa, you can live in Australia for the near future. This is a permanent visa with a travel facility which allows you to travel for five years from the date of travel from Australia.You will need to get another resident return visa, if you want to continue traveling from Australia as a permanent resident, when the travel facility terminated.

If you believe that you may need a resident return visa and need help understanding your options and/or applying your application, contact MARA Registered Migration Agent Adelaide.

To apply for a resident return visa, you must either:

  • A current Australian permanent residence visa holder
  • An Australian citizen who has lost or left Australian citizenship
  • A former Australian permanent resident who was in addition to former Australian permanent resident, whose recent permanent visa was canceled.

The key qualification requirements for RRV 155 and 157 are stated below:

  • 155 visas– This visa is valid for 5 years. In the last 5 years, you have been in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 2 years from 5, before the residence of your resident return visa application. You must meet this need to get 155 resident return visas which are valid for 5 years and there is no exemption to fulfill this need.
  • 157 visas- This visa is valid for 3 months. You have to be in Australia for least 1 day from the last 5 years as the permanent resident visa holder if you are outside of Australia and you have necessitating reasons that are the reason of your exit from Australia. In addition, if you are outside Australia for more than three consecutive months earlier entering your application, then you need to prove the attractive reasons for your current/latest absence from Australia. If you are in Australia and want to travel, then you are required to explain gentle and imperative reasons to leave Australia.

The validity of Resident Return Visa

Under sub-class 155 and 157, RRV is a permanent visa. If you travel outside of Australia if the travel facility is terminated, then your visa automatically expires. On the other hand, if you do not travel, even if your travel facility ends, your visa will remain valid for an indefinite amount of time.

Visa validity of returning resident visas for those people who did not live in Australia for more than two years in a year in the last five years, and not 5 years and Each member has to fill his application independently. For these visa types, one cannot include your family members in the application

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