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Factors That Lower the Value of Testing

The use of psychological testing in this highly profit oriented world is also often fraught with many dangers and difficulties. Often factors external to the job come into play and may falsify the test predictions. Many organizationsoftenintroduce psychological testing in their selection programmes, but for various reasons fail to see that the arrangement is inadequate and inappropriate.

This happens often because of the cost and time involved in testing, only few tests are administered, when there is need of many more tests to evaluate the workers properly.Testing can be effective only if effective care is exercised.

  • Over Promotion:Because more and more organizations have been introducing testing, some testing organizations which are managed by unscrupulous people often make exaggerated claims about effectiveness of their testing programmes, without ever bothering to know whether these programs are really going to help the organization or not. Their sole aim is to make profits by over promotion of tests.A prospective buyer of testsmust be constantly aware of this danger, and should approach the testing organizations who have well established reputation, and where the possibility of being cheated is the least.
  • Competence: When an organization hires a psychologist or a professional consultancy organization to introduce the testing program, it should take sufficient precaution to determine their professional competence. Wherever these are inadequate, the possibility of abuse of testing cannot be ruled out.Online psychometric tests are extremely capable of assessing a person’s fitness for a job.
  • Secret Tests: Many charlatans, among whom there may be some psychologists, may claim that they can develop secret tests to do the work of selection and placement in an organization more effective. But interesting that can be hardly anything that can be called a secret. Obviously such people’s claims should be evaluated with extra caution, and by employing other professionals to check their validity.
  • Superfluous Use: A good test must have very high reliability and validity as a measuring instrument; often however tests with some catchy names are constructed, without devising any measures of its validity and reliability. Such devicesusually have very dubious value as testing instruments. But very often certain organizations, which have little or no knowledge of the highly sophisticated technique in test construction, come out with tests that are not in any sense tests at all.Obviously such testshave little or no value as testing instruments.
  • Culture and Other Differences: In our country we have hardly any reputed and well-established organizations of testing like those we find in other European countries.Many of them are solely devoted to test construction,research and testing.They provide excellent services to their clients and prospective test buyers. One result of this in India is that many imported tests in English language are sold or used indiscriminately by many unscrupulous individuals and concerns without ever bothering to know how they are used. These are reprehensible on many accounts.The tests standardized on specific populations in foreign countries can be of little or no use in our own industrial environment.Societies differ widely in their cultural practices which subtly influence human behaviour.

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