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Family Mediators for and How They Help in Family Disputes

Separating or divorcing? Arguing about who get what? Can’t agree on the arrangements for children? Family mediator works. So, what is meditation and what do mediators do? Meditation is about talking things through with an impartial professional and agreeing arrangements for the future. A professional accredited mediator will talk with both of the parties and help find solutions that can agree on. One has more say than if go to court, then the judges decides what will happen. 

Meditation can be less stressful than going to court, especially for children. It is cheaper than going through a long, drawn out court battle. Meditation is confidential. If one has children, then family mediatorshelp to focus on their needs. It works by helping people find practical solutions to their disagreement. Is meditation about trying to get us to stay together? No. Mediators help to work out what happens after one split up. They would not try and get ex-partner back together.

Can a family mediator Gloucestershire give a divorce? No. One will need to ask the court to legally end marriage or civil partnership but don’t need to go itself for this. Agreements made in mediation can be made legally binding by a court. And if a lawyer advice on making this happen, this is available to support the mediation process. Legal aid is available for meditation. This means that if one is eligible, mediation might be free. One may also get help to pay legal advice to support mediation if it is needed. It can save money, even cannot get legal aid. Mediators can also help work out if can get legal aid.   

What if I would rather go to court? The law says that one has to show that one considered mediation before take a case to the court, unless there are special circumstances, like where domestic violence is involved. This means that one need to go to a “Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting” to meet a mediator and find out how mediation can help before one can apply to court.

Both the parties must attend the mediation and if there are no objections, one can also have a support person. If one would like lawyer to be present, one should discuss this with the center arranging the mediation as it is not always allowed. The Family law mediation practitioners will check that everyone understands what is being said and agreed upon. If Family Law Mediation does not resolve the matter, the FDR practitioner can suggest other avenues to help resolve the issues such as family counselling. If one can reach agreement, one should be aware that changes to children’s care could affect entitlements to family assistance and income support payments and to child support.