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Find Amazing Harbour Island Wedding Venues For Your Upcoming Wedding Ceremony

The wedding is one of the most important events; you may have always dreamed to plan with perfection. It’s the event where you are the cynosure, arresting all attention. Planning the wedding is not that smooth, as it looks to be. All the arrangements, even the minute details must be accomplished correctly. Whether it is the venue or the food or the ambiance, everything is expected to complement each other to count unforgettable memories through your lifetime.

Harbour Island seems to be the wedding heaven. It is one of the immaculate spots on the Northwest coast of Eleuthera. Being one of the most visited romantic gateways, Harbour Island is always one of the top destinations for a wedding event. Decorated with the pink sand beaches, colonial-style building and serenity of the sea, this spot embodies a hypnotic charm to attract people.

If you are the one who is searching for crafting your everlasting wedding memories, Harbour Island is perfectly fit for you. When the location is finalized, you require a creative photographer to capture the most iconic moments. You need to someone whose skill is not only limited to capturing moments; rather he should have in-depth knowledge about the location and the aesthetic relation with the ceremony.

Here you can find few top locations on Harbour Islands Wedding Venues:

The Cove, Eleuthera

Located on the secluded stretch of white sand, on North Eleuthera, the Cove is one of the most magnificent wedding destinations. Many of the couples select their pre-nuptial dancing and dinner on the pool deck. Sitting on round tables on the grassy lawn, the guests can enjoy the calmness of nature. You do not need to decorate the Cove much. In the heart of natural surrounding, it is absolutely a well-decorated place of celebration. Apart from the exciting decor, the Cove is an ideal place to spend quality time with the guests. It is a dream destination for the wedding couples.

Coral Sands, Harbour Island

The Pink Beach in Harbour Island is world famous. When you sink your toes into the soft sand with a picturesque background of blue sea, the Coral Sands becomes an ultimate romantic destination for you. You cannot afford to miss the most memorable moments on Harbour Island. In the night when lights are dimmed, and candle light hints your mood to celebrate one of the most exciting events of your lifetime – the wedding.

Bahama House, Harbour Island

Bahama House is one of the most exciting places on Harbour Island to host your wedding event. Decorated with stunning interior and exterior, Bahama House fills your mood of the wedding with a romantic vibe. Along with the wedding events in Harbour Island, you can enjoy the time with activity of high spirit – deep sea fishing. Paddle boarding, kite surfing, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding and island tours, etc.

Harbour Islands Wedding Venues hold the divine atmosphere to mark every moment of this special event remarkable. If you are planning to knot with the special person, must plan the special event in this celestial part of the earth.

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