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Finger Licking Potato Recipes

Potato is a certain thing which Indians cannot ignore in their cooking. This is such a versatile ingredient that one can use it in almost every kind of cooking. People can use it to make curries, fries, wedges, cutlets, pies, bakes and many other things as well. In fact, this is the most versatile root vegetable in the entire world and that is why; it is used vividly. Also potatoes are eco-friendly crops and it can grow with a very minimal use of chemicals and fertilisers.

When one goes to buy potatoes they need to choose those which have smooth skins and firm texture. Do not go for those which have a greenish tint because they mostly have a bitter taste. No matter how you cook it, potatoes taste delicious in every form. If you mash it, then it can be soaked readily into any flavour. Here are some delicious potato dishes that you can make at home.

Pakistani Style Potatoes Bhujia with Besanki Roti

Here the potatoes are stirred in with some flavours from the other side of the border. One can use a lot of desi ghee into it to bring the rich taste. Mashed potatoes are the main ingredients here along with some cabbage, sweet corn, capsicum and a mix of few spices. This can be served with some chapatti made of besan.

Dum AlooLakhnavi

One can get varieties of dumaloo recipes in Hindi if they want in a cook book. This one specially is made from fried potatoes that are stuffed with paneer or cottage cheese. It is then mixed with some fried onions and tomato gravy. It goes best with pulao.


As we all know, this is a very famous snack from the land of Maharashtra. Potatoes in Marathi language is known as Batata. Here, the mashed potatoes are coated well with chockpea flour paste along with some spices and then deep fried in oil till it turns golden. This one is served with some tangy chutney.

Honey Chilli Potatoes

In this dish, one can find a touch of oriental flavour. It is a very quick snack to make and guests also get impressed by it.

Dilli Ki Fried AlooChaat

This dish is a favourite street food from the capital of India that is Delhi. Here, the deep fried potatoes are mixed with mint and tamarind chutney and are served. The most finger licking evening snack for sure.

Gratin of Potatoes with Garlic Cream

Here, the potatoes are thinly sliced and seasoned with cheese. Then they are baked till they turn golden brown. It is a meal to satisfy the soul.

Spicy Potato

This one is especially for the spice lovers. Here the potatoes are cooked with tangy tomatoes and then a lot of chillies are added to it. Have it with plain rice for dinner.


Pickles and potatoes are mixed here with mustard seeds and vinegar.

One can cook all of these dishes at home without any difficulty.

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