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Four Ways Personal Trainers Can Help Pregnant Clients

Pregnant women are often advised to rest, relax and to limit physical activity. It is commonly believed that any kind of physical exertion will be bad for the infant and the mother. However, many experts are now advising pregnant women to have about 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Well planned physical activity could help pregnant women in many ways including lessening swelling, bloated feeling, constipation and backaches. Pregnant women who have symptoms of gestational diabetes should also perform physical activity regularly to improve their metabolism. Through proper exercise, pregnant women can experience improved posture, mood and energy. Below are some techniques taught in the OriGym personal trainer courses that will show you how to help your pregnant clients work out effectively in the gym.

Here are some things that personal trainers can do tohelp pregnant women:

Provide advice on activities to do and avoid: You would be surprised to know that there are still many exercises that are allowed during pregnancy. It is obvious that pregnant women should avoid any activities that require high impact physical activity, such as diving, racket sports, contact sports, gymnastics, ball sports, water sports, ice skating, horseback riding and downhill skiing.

Create a workout program: Even if your client hasen’t started working out before they became pregnant, they can begin right now. Personal trainersshould ask their pregnant clients to do a gentle walking session, followed by some core stability exercises and regular pelvic floor exercises. If you are not too sure about what physical exercise to choose for your pregnant clients, you do some research into pre and post-natal training. If your clientwas already physically active before their pregnancy, it is easier to maintain their fitness level. But, most of the time, they will need to make some modifications to their training sessions.

Provide monitoring: Personal trainers should always track how hard their clients are working out. The basic way is by using the Talk Test. After you perform an aerobic exercise, you should still be able to maintain a normal conversation. Your client is working too hard if they stutter or stop mid-sentence. The key is to avoid doing any excessive physical activity that can harm their health.

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