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Get 9apps to revitalise you E-life!

Ever since the dawn of the internet knowledge, various software and applications are being out forth to ease traversing in the digital realm. Engineers and programmers are constantly learning, edifying and working hard to break every shackle and a step ahead of where they stood yesterday. With every passing day we witness a greater insight into the internet and reach a little deeper. Unequivocally, the technology and internet has eased our life enough, to be rightly claimed that it has nearly taken over mankind, guarding all our activities and defining our persona.

One such fabrication of the globally recognised, Alibaba Group, called 9apps. 9apps is an internationally recognised, ‘Android App Distribution Platform’ that allows the users download almost everything, ranging from other applications to games and movies as well. Counted among the other famous apps like UC Web and other such downloaders, 9apps is a lucid and facile to navigate application, to fetch some qualified apps and games. With a dominating presence over the Indian market, it is also wide over some of the elite markets of Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Southeast Asia and Middle East. The present day of the app unveils its skyrocketing lucrativeness, with roughly 250.3million active monthly users and round about 35.4 million app downloads each day.

What are some of its major highlights?

Available in up to 7 languages, 9apps is surely a hard deal to crack, by the competitors. Supported on Android devices, mobile web and available in PC version as well, enlisted below are some of its major highlights:

  • Expeditious

9apps proffers an unimaginably high downloading speed and some unravelling features like supporting pause and even auto resume options.

  • Content enriched

Content is the king in this highly internet addicted world. Understanding and empowering this, 9apps fortifies your alleged e-life and brings you some enticing benefits, riveting multi-media content with some latest news updates.

  • Recommend

This knows well the likes and dislikes of the users, shortly after he incepts using it. Gradually, easing your choices, it puts forth personalized and localised app recommendations as well.

  • Nascent

The app comes with the latest updates and incorporates all of the latest technology, so that the users never lag behind. With a UI made especially for the young generation and friendly for the nascent users, it brings routine creative and promotional activities to the users as well.

  • Saves data

Since it comes imbibed with the latest technology, it also has the highly useful ‘data compression’ feature that helps the users save a lot on data cost.

  • Qualified

The app is highly user friendly and lucid to navigate and comes loaded with high quality content, with myriads of latest apps, games, movies and what not.

9apps is an all-inclusive package deal, coming loaded with the latest content, that is very facile to download or fetch from the app. It has not only taken over most of the akin apps, but the fact that is has millions of active users speaks volumes about its prevailing reputation in the market.