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Gift Your Colleague Something Special

When you are sending a gift to someone, it always has to be well thought. That is why; people go for customized gifts these days.

These customizations can easily make one gift turn into really a special one. So, it is always a great idea to buy personalised gifts for your friends, colleagues or special ones.

Colleagues do form a special space in your heart. Those who work together, end up spending a lot of time together throughout the week. So, if you want to gift something to them, then put some special thoughts in it. Here are some ideas.

Doodle Coffee Mugs

Regular coffee mugs are a cliché, right? You can gift them to a colleague but it will never be special. Then why not add some doodles to it? If you can do your own doodles then nothing like it. You can always print them on a plain mug or else you can customise those coffee mugs from a store with a doodle on it. It will make things very special for your colleagues.

Printed Cushions

People keep working through hours sitting in the same chair and in the same position. This is not a very comfortable thing to do. So, it is a great idea to gift small cushions to your colleagues which they can place at the back of the chair so that they can rest their back while working. How about making them a bit special? You can always print a picture of your colleague on the cushion so that it can be easily identifiable.

Customized stationeries

Gifting stationeries to your colleagues is a very common ides. So how do you make it look different? Well, you can always go ahead and customise them. Buy a pen stand and customise it with their pictures and fill it up with pens, pencils, erasers and daily stationery items. Go for stick pads and liners as well. One can also add a handmade writing pad and a file with it which completes the set.

Wine Glasses

If you want to gift something classy to your colleague then go for a bottle of red wine and a wine glass set. Buy a bottle of chilled red wine and put it in a nice wine bag, go for a set of 2 wine glasses where you can engrave your colleagues’ name and it will be a wonderful gift for them.

Chocolate Boxes

No matter what chocolates can never fail as a gift idea. But yes you cannot customise a chocolate. You can just put an assortment of chocolates of different flavours together. But you can always make the chocolate box look special. Engrave the name of your colleague on the chocolate box and it will add some extra speciality to it.

One can always send personalised gifts online to their closed ones. There are some gift sites online which specialise in customising gift items. They will know your requirement and then will go ahead to make your gift look special and unique.