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Give a Big Transformation to Your Bedroom with Wall Paintings

When you come back home tired after the long day activities, a bedroom is a place which will give you calm and relaxation. This is the place where people spend most of their time and therefore it is very important to have a bedroom which is comfortable and attractive.

Investing to buy best bedroom wall paintings is all about your inner feeling and the way you want to express your taste and personality and here are some tips which will help you in making your bedroom more attractive and comfortable:

  • Colour

Colour is the first thing people think while trying to choose art, as the colour of art should match with the other colours in the room. But matching the colours is not a perfectly acceptable method for choosing art as sometimes it is very important to choose art with the direct opposite of what you already have in your room which includes the colour of walls or other furniture. So, choose the painting which goes well with all the colours of the bedroom.

  • Size and Scale

When it comes to choosing wall art if it bigger then it is usually better as people often choose wall painting above the bed wall. Choosing a small wall painting for the bed wall is a very common mistake. Take for instance of the wall space where you want to have wall painting. Generally, the rule is that the size of wall painting should be approximately two thirds the width of the bed but, this rule can be broken as the size of the bed and back of the bed differs.

If you want to use wall painting for other walls of the bedroom, then several small pieces of art will work together in one display. If you have a particular painting or print that you love to place it on your bedroom walls but, the size is too small, then consider having it framed with an extra-large matte to increase its visual impact.

  • Type of art

 Different people have different preferences in representational art in bedrooms, and it clearly represents their likes and dislikes. People who prefer abstract art inspired by a real subject is also a good option as it helps one to interpret it in its own way and to have a deeper relationship with it. Some sculptures and photographs work very well.

  • Backlighting your artwork

 Many experts believe that throwing light at a 60-degree angle to the artwork work best break the norm by doing something different. Backlighting your artwork or make it appear to be floating is a very good idea to enhance your bedroom walls.

  • Shop Around

While you are looking to buy wall painting for bedroom, you may get in love with a painting at first sight, but it is not usually a good idea to shop for a wall painting. You have to search around before settling on a piece of art for a particular wall. There are so many options available in the market, both online and in local shops from where you can find the best artwork for your wall.