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Some Great Mushroom Dishes

Mushrooms are simply regarded as hidden treasure of nature. Initially, it was considered an exotic item, but is now rated as a super food.

Why are they counted as super food? Mushrooms happen to be one of the rare items containing Vitamin D. They are rich in fibre but do not contain any fat. They also contain selenium which you don’t find in most vegetables and fruits. As per recent reports, shitake mushrooms are found to enhance rates of survival in cancer patients.

Mushrooms are slowly and steadily gaining importance in the Indian platter. The complete goodness and rich, earthy texture is enough reason to let them adorn the dinner table more frequently.

The versatile mushroom can work magic in almost every dish. There are innumerable recipes to cook with mushrooms and there are inexhaustible culinary possibilities with it. You may sauté, stir-fry, roast, bake, grill or do fresh experiments with these.

Containing over 90% water, the best mode to cook mushrooms is to permit them to release all their moisture. Choose a pan with a wide bottom in order to spread out the mushrooms which will enhance the evaporation of moisture.

Another question is- when to add salt? It is one of the vital ingredients that bring to life the flavours of a dish. With regard to mushrooms, it is advised that you add salt only at the end. In case you start out with salt, it will draw out all the juices fast and leave you with chewy and limp mushrooms.

You will know whether you have cooked the mushrooms properly when the mushrooms turn golden on the outside and have juicy interiors. While preparing curries, it is good to sauté mushrooms before adding them to the gravy. This brings out full flavours of the dish.

Here are some popular Indian recipes of mushrooms:
  • Kombubarthad

It is an astonishingly simple type of stir fry with chilies, mushrooms, curry leaves and coconut vinegar. It is a Coorgi dish and popular in Karnataka.

It is a classic Indian Chinese dish inspired with Indian ingredients. Instead of green chillies, one can use dried red chillies. It is an excellent appetizer for parties.

  • Shahi mushroom

With a royal name, this recipe provides an explosion of rich, deep flavours. Some button mushrooms combined with hearty gravy with specially made Shahi (royal) garam masala.

  • KalanMilagu

A simple stir fry of mushrooms enhanced with black pepper. It is a popular dish in South Asia best served with steamed hot rice.

  • Mushroom Chettinad

You cannot miss this if you are a lover of spices. It is an example of Chettinad cuisine which is among the spiciest cuisines of India. This is made by tossing mushrooms with tamarind, coconut, chillies and pepper.

  • Mushroom kofta

This is a very popular dish combining distinct flavours. A batter of cottage cheese and spinach is stuffed with mushrooms and golden fried, dipped in piquant tomato gravy and served hot.

  • Mushroom and potato Kebab

This dish highlights the versatility of mushrooms. It is made of cottage cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and spices, all made into a batter and shallow fried.

  • Mushroom Uthapam

This Southern favourite gets a new twist by adding corn, spinach and mushrooms.

These are some popular mushroom dishes from India.

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