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How a Positive Online Presence Can Help Professionals

In the modern business world, establishing the right kind of online presence is vital for you as a professional. This is true whether you are already employed or you are currently looking for work. Having some kind of online presence is simply unavoidable in the digital age where channels like LinkedIn and Facebook are so essential. These are the places people will often look to first when deciding on whether to hire or do business with someone.

Why should you be concerned about your online presence?

To start with, it is worth clarifying exactly what your online presence is. Some people find this a hard concept to grasp, especially if technology is not your forte. In simple terms, it is using the major digital channels online to establish your presence and make yourself visible within your sector. For most professionals, this will involve setting up accounts at the major social media channels and using them to regularly connect with customers or potential employers.

But why is all this so important? As mentioned before, more and more professionals operate in this way now – if you do not, then you are making yourself invisible and missing out on opportunities. In addition, consumers also use online methods to interact with organizations now. As a professional, you need to be where your customers are!

Top ways in which a good online presence can help

If you would like to know more about how creating a positive online presence can help your career specifically, then the below should help:

  • Builds trust – As noted previously, most employers and businesses have an online presence themselves now. If you do not, then you risk coming across as someone who has something to hide or is way behind the curve of how business works now. Naturally, this will not make it easy to convince someone to employ you if you are seeking work.
  • Helps connect with employers – As well as helping employers to trust you, an online presence also enables you to find them in the first place. Professional online networks like LinkedIn can be great ways of finding the CEO of the company you would love to work for and connecting with them. In addition, these kinds of online networks where you can establish a positive presence are superb for finding vacancies or job opportunities.
  • Helps to protect your reputation – When you are thinking of the importance of a positive online presence, reputation is vital. Making the correct impression when online will help to not only build up your reputation there but also protect the one you have in the physical world. Reputation is still a major force in business, and having a clear, positive one online will certainly help you enjoy a successful career.
  • Avoids any future problems – Many professionals have been caught out by not establishing the right kind of online presence. While inappropriate or inflammatory comments made online might not hurt you now, you can bet that at some point in the future they will – usually when you really need that promotion or new job! Making sure your online profile is a positive one will help avoid any issues in the future when employers decide to check you out.

How to create the right impression online

Naturally, it is one thing to know why creating the correct impression is vital online. However, doing it may be another altogether! Luckily, it is actually very easy and mostly common sense. When posting online, always make sure to avoid any controversial or hurtful content. In addition, make sure that your posts have value and are useful to people. Entrepreneur Stan Gershengoren recommends using useful photos that tell a story in your online content to really make it pop.

Always remember to be polite, welcoming and vibrant when present online. This will mark you out as someone who is easy to work with and a team player. Another great tip is to only post intelligent and knowledgeable content, as this will reflect better on you as a professional. Videos of dancing cats are fine, but they don’t exactly say consummate professional!

Take the time to make your online profile shine

Your online presence can be a real bonus to help you find work or connect with new people in your sector. This will only happen if you have a positive online profile though. Just as a positive profile will attract people to you, a negative one will see people not want to hire you. Naturally, this can be disastrous for your professional career. It is really a case of behaving in a decent, professional manner and making sure you are showing the knowledge you have in your industry.

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