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‘How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?’ Is A Tough Question To Answer

If you’re wondering how long weed stays in your system it might be because you have a drug test coming up, or you’re simply preparing yourself for the eventual possibility of it. Either way, it’s not an easy question to get a straight answer to. There are lots of different types of drug tests, but urine tests are the most popular for testing employees in the workplace. It also just so happens that weed stays in your system a pretty damn long time for a urine test, but not nearly as long for a blood test for example. Besides the different types of drug tests, there are countless other factors in variables to consider when answering this question. A person’s genetics, diet, amount of sleep, metabolism, liver health, kidney health, overall fat content, and so many more intricate details can have an effect on how long metabolites of THC can be detected in your urine, blood, saliva, or hair.

Ok, So How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System In General?

There are of course some rough estimates you can keep in mind if you find yourself in a situation to worry about this kind of thing.

For Urine Tests:

THC metabolites can be detected in human urine for up to 90 days for anybody that smokes very frequently. Since THC stores itself in your body’s fat molecules, prolonged and repeated use of cannabis compounds the metabolites in your system. Even for someone that just smoked weed for the very first time in their life, they might test positive for up to a week after having smoked. Due to this wild variability, urine tests can be pretty tricky to pass, but it isn’t entirely hopeless if you’re willing to plan things out and embrace your inner Agent 007.

For Blood And Saliva Tests:

Both of these kinds of tests are more tailored towards catching recent pot smokers. Saliva tests for example are generally used by policemen after pulling someone over that they suspect might be stoned while driving. Even the most dedicated stoners would only need about a week off in general to test negative for a blood or saliva drug test.

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