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How to Find More Time in Your Week?

We’re all so rushed in our busy lifestyles that it can get overwhelming. It’s useful to take a step back to see how you can reorganise your life to make it easier to manage.

Here are some suggestions on how to find more time.

Outsource Your Laundry

Using a convenient laundry service removes one of those chores that are not difficult to accomplish but uses a significant amount of your free time. With a laundry Bangkok service, you get a pickup and delivery service with wash and fold all within 24 hours of the pickup time.

They can also handle shirts for work, trousers, suits, and bedding like a comforter/duvet or sheets too. They can be contacted via their website or a convenient mobile app to order a laundry collection from your armchair. What could be easier than that?

Batch Up Tasks

Considerable time is lost each week to doing bitty tasks both at work and at home. The stop/start nature of many of these tasks means they take longer leaving less free time. When getting across town can take an hour or more with traffic congestion, forward planning is needed to make use of pockets of free time.

The best approach to the problem is to batch up your tasks. For instance, make a list of errands to run. Group them by retail shop and supermarket, so they can be dealt with together. Make purchases that will last you a month to avoid unnecessary trips when forgetting to include something or running out before you expected to. A little bit of organisation on the front-end saves you considerable time by being more efficient.

Single Task, Don’t Multi-Task

Multi-tasking isn’t really a thing. Not unless your first activity is mentally passive – like walking for exercise – allowing you to listen to a podcast while doing so. However, when you’re actively busy doing one thing, you get more done than when splitting your attention across multiple activities.

You end up with cognitive dissonance when you jump from task to task. Mental energy gets drained. It takes time to get up to speed on the next task. With each successful switch, you lose more ground.

Focus on one task at a time. Complete it at one sitting, if possible. Then, move on.

Simplify Your Life

Another way around a busy week is to strip out things that are making it more difficult. If you’re running around trying to fit too many tasks into your week, it may be necessary to dial back your activities to get a better handle on them.

Assess what’s most important to you and what’s not. Eliminate or minimise the tasks that aren’t important any longer. Do they even need to be done at all? Take your time to do it right.

Finding more free time in the week requires new discipline to see what you’re not managing as well as possible. Refine how you manage the unfolding week, to create a life that’s better organised.